Citizen complaint of the day: Thongs a lot, you slobs

An aggrieved citizen reports from Princeton Street in East Boston:

Pile of trash on street including a dirty thong.

With a photo of said pile of trash and said dirty thong.

Meanwhile, a disgusted citizen on Beacon Hill rats out one of his fellow nobs, whose building's trash in flimsy bags is now attracting not just rats but a raccoon as well.



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      Reminds Me of A Song:

      "Without a thong, the day would never end,
      Without a thong the road would never bend,
      When things go wrong a man ain't got a friend,
      Without a thong".

      East Boston trash out of control

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      The trash in East Boston is out of control. It seems like everyone just throws their trash on the street. Never saw anything like it.

      The dearth of residential

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      The dearth of residential garbage cans is mind-blowing, as well. Especially when you consider the sheer volume of garbage that comes out of some of the residences, most of which aren't terribly large.

      It begs the question - where does that trash fester all week? Where does that much trash (on a regular basis) even come from?

      It speaks to some very likely vile and unlivable conditions. Over-crowded w/potential illegal subdivisions, piles of food trash, etc. That's begging for fires, pest problems and structural damage.

      There are two things I have never seen so much of until moving to EB: 1) skunks. I grew up almost in the woods, and I have never seen so many skunks as in EB. 2) discarded mattresses. Holy jeez I have never seen so many.

      Skunks in East Boston

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      The skunks in East Boston are not a new phenomenon. I first stated seeing them there as a child in the mid 60s. And that was a time when there was far, far less garbage seen on the streets than there is now. There used to be an urban legend that the skunks were purposely brought in to control the rat and mouse population, but I'm not sure I ever bought that story.


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      Our neighbors have barrels. They throw the trash off the deck and hope that it might hit the barrel. It goes in maybe 10% of the time and the rest of the time it explodes on the ground. The landlord picks it all up on trash day. It is disgusting.

      Well, yeah, I guess actually

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      Well, yeah, I guess actually *using* them would help, too. But in more cases than not, I just see massive sprawls of bags. And, in warmer months, literal clouds of flies surrounding them.

      east boston

      Look at most of the people that come out of there....very much so a trashy place

      Well, and I am saying this as

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      Well, and I am saying this as an EB resident, it could have been worse - the poster could have said "all". "Most" is actually a fair assessment.