Menino leaves hospital, hands out chocolate lollipops

WBZ reports he left the Spaulding around 11:30 and was headed to the city-owned Parkman House, rather than his own home in Readville.



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Chocolate is Good for You

I wish I could find a link to the little pamphlet of journal articles put out by the Swiss sponsors of the next international public health conference that I attend every year. They wanted to be sure that everyone knew how good eating chocolate is for your health (so we will come to Switzerland and eat it while attending the next conference, naturally).

Why does it matter?

I'd guess they guy has been through few TIAs well before this, but how does it matter?

Consider this: people who have strokes do not always or even usually lose cognitive function. They can lose motor and speech skills, which may lead some to think they have lost cognition because of our socialized ignorance and bias about people who stumble and slur their words, but still retain full cognition.

The focus should be on durable criteria for transparent transfer of authority to a temporary should that be necessary. Even if he did have stroke, it may not have been necessary.


Do you really want to honestly know how many times he uses the toilet in a given day?

Of course not - that's none of your business. Similarly, not everything that happens in the life of a public official can or should be public knowledge.

Ditto for his medical diagnoses. If he is impaired and unable to carry out his responsibilities, yeah, that's a problem. Boston needs a transparent way to deal with that. However, public disclosure of the specific medical conditions involved in any impairment is irrelevant. That is not a matter of honesty but a matter of confidentiality.

I think

He's scared about what might come out in the wash after office looses power. He hasn't been honest about his medical condition, so I think it's safe to assume he could have a few skeletons in his closet.