The year on the T: People on the tracks edition

Red Line service was halted when a shirtless guy jumped on the inbound Red Line tracks at Andrew and went for a jog down the tracks underneath South Boston. He was never found.

A man wound up under a Red Line train at North Quincy.

A woman failed to stop walking at Broadway station until she fell onto the tracks:

Ten days later, another woman walked off the platform at Andrew:

Somebody else also fell on the tracks at Mass. Ave. on the Orange Line.

Guy walking on the Orange Line tracks outside Malden Center got hit by a train, but lived.

An out-of-towner fell on the tracks at Kendall.

Somebody fell on the Orange Line tracks at Wellington.

A man who "suddenly entered" the Blue Line tracks at Maverick was hit by a train and died.

Commuter-rail trains out of Back Bay were delayed by napper.

A woman fell on Orange Line tracks at State Street - managed to wedge herself into one of those cutouts just as a train came into the station.

OK, not on the tracks, but that woman tried to ride her motorized wheelchair up the escalator at Broadway. It did not end well. A man who rode his bike up the escalator at Forest Hills spilled his coffee.

An out-of-town man fell on Red Line tracks at Central Square, was pulled to safety:

A man slipped under a Green Line train at Haymarket; bystanders alerted the driver to not go:



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    Boston > NYC

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    Anyone else notice that NYC'ers respond to someone falling on the tracks by staring...or taking photos?

    Meanwhile, Bostonians immediately rush to help.

    What the hell is wrong with New Yorkers?

    New Yorkers

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    assume that the person is on drugs or crazy, and is going to pull them down onto the tracks. In NY, the Good Samaritan often suffers.

    As a Bostonian

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    I assume that a large percentage of people flopping off platforms onto the tracks are either wrecked, or doped to the gills.

    Maybe I'm just naive though, and don't realize how self-absorbed, or unaware some people are.

    My Mom is a high candidate to fall off a subway platform...

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    My Mom is a high candidate to fall off a subway platform and she's a regular T rider... She's almost 70 years old and has a detached retina in one eye, and the consequence is that she poorly judges distances. I've seen quite a few times she stumbles and nearly falls when stepping off a sidewalk onto the street because she says "she never saw it."

    All the stories this year of people falling on the tracks have rarely followed up on the reason why they did what they did. Perhaps like my mom, they have flawed vision. Or they just simply wasn't thinking.


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    Nice generalizations you got there. Sure Bostonians are always so thoughtful and considerate lol