Not something you tend to see on commuter rail

MBCR graffiti

Kat G. says she was pretty surprised to see graffiti on an inbound train this evening at Walpole.

Very hard to hit an MBCR train. Guaranteed it will be buffed by tonight.

Graffiti from the inside



Free tagging: 


Womp. Totally forgot the

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Womp. Totally forgot the connection between graff and terrorist.

How did you make a link

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How did you make a link between complaining about some attention whore wasting public funds and terrorist?


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Its a good thing these vandals only want to paint trains, because they could do some real damage if they have this much time to paint murals all over the MBTA.


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wow.. you really don't see graffiti on the T in general, at least in/on the cars or in the stations (nearby maybe..). Even still, when there is some, the T very quickly removes it.

But honestly either the T is doing something right for a change, or tagging on the T is just not as appealing to taggers. Its very rare..

Commuter rail cars do get tagged...

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...but they're very good about getting it cleaned up quick. On the northside, many of the coaches have battle scars in the aluminum and/or stainless steel skin from where it's been removed.


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it happens more often than you'd think. They just remove the painted trains from service immediately. If they run them, it's usually out of necessity.


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a group of vandals hit that whole train yard. They pulled as many as they could out of service, but couldn't hold all of them back.

Quote from the Mayor

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I want those paint-happy bastards caught and hung up by their Buster Browns!

Spray paint isn't cheap. Are

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Spray paint isn't cheap. Are these morons rich, or do they just steal the paint from somewhere?