Police target violent Bowdoin/Geneva gangs in overnight raids

Several hundred Boston police officers and federal agents swarmed through Dorchester early this morning, arresting some 30 alleged members of the Woodward Avenue and Hendry Street gangs in a bid to quell violence in the Bowdoin/Geneva and Uphams Corner neighborhoods - in particular in the Cape Verdean community.

Officials specifically targeted alleged Hendry leader Alexis Hidalgo, 31, of Dorchester, and alleged Woodward leader Jonathan DaSilva, 29, of Roxbury, in an investigation that began in 2011. In a statement, the US Attorney's office said:

Hidalgo and DaSilva are alleged to be responsible for the distribution of kilos of crack cocaine, thousands of oxycodone pills throughout greater Boston, as well as hundreds of pounds of marijuana which they branded as high-grade and sold for up to $5,200 a pound. In a wiretap recording, a "mother-load" shipment of drugs was described in a call intercepted between Hidalgo and his associate. It is alleged that Hidalgo responded by saying, "You just got us indicted bro. If they are listening, I sell weed man."

Suffolk County District Attorney Dan Conley said that in addition to drugs, the gangs were responsible for a seemingly endless string of violent outbursts:

It's a sad fact that violent feuds within small factions of Boston’s Cape Verdean community have riven families and neighborhoods apart for decades. Those feuds have claimed dozens of lives and left hundreds, even thousands, in very real fear for their lives and safety. It’s bad enough when one young man takes up arms against another in a rivalry that began before either was born. But as we’ve seen over and over again, to terrible and tragic effect, that rivalry continues to claim bystanders, children, and other innocents with no stake in the drama.

List of those charged with conspiracy to distribute cocaine base, cocaine, heroin, and marijuana:

1) Alexis Hidalgo, 31, of Dorchester. (Also charged with two counts of distribution of cocaine base.)
2) Jonathan DaSilva, 29, of Roxbury. (Also charged with distribution of marijuana, two counts of distribution of cocaine base, distribution of oxycodone, and being a felon in possession of a firearm.)
3) John Alves, 23, of Roxbury.
4) Hamzal Awil, 24, of Westbrook, Maine.
5) Benjamin Baptista, 29, of Hyde Park.
6) Jeremia Barbosa, 28, of New Bedford.
7) Maurice Barnett, 30, of Salinas, Cali.
8) Jackson Barros, 30, Dorchester. (Fugitive)
9) Michael Beal, 32, of Roxbury.
10) Joshua Brandao, 22, of Dorchester. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine base.)
11) Julio Collazos, 32, of Brockton.
12) Ilton Correia, 28, of Roxbury. (Also charged with distribution of marijuana.)
13) Jerry Correia, 25, of Dorchester.
14) Lino Correia, 20, of Randolph.
15) Alex DaSilva, 29, of Roxbury.
16) Jose Denis, 36, of Roxbury.
17) Carlos Fernandez, 36, of Dorchester.
18) Moises Figueroa, 33, of Wellesley Hills. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine base.)
19) Patrick Gomes, 27, in federal custody on a supervised release violation. (Also charged with being a felon in possession of a firearm.)
20) Hamilton Lopes, 29, of Brockton. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine base.)
21) Leakana Om, 22, of Cambridge.
22) Nicholas Otey, 25, in federal custody on a supervised release violation. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine base.)
23) Ruth Rivera-Lopes, 22, of Dorchester.
24) Morris Robinson, 31, of Brockton.
25) Martinho Rodrigues, 30, of Boston.
26) Victor Scott, 23, of Dorchester. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine base.)
27) Dulsilina Tavares, 26, of Dorchester.
28) Carl Taylor, 34, of Roxbury.
29) O’Neil Taylor, 30, of Norwood.
30) John Webbe, 34, of Boston. (Also charged with distribution of cocaine).



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These raids were done by PBD and "federal agents" - likely ATF or ICE. If that is the case they probably will get prosecuted in federal court and will not get before the state judges who have been in the media lately in "low bail" stories.

Higher bail = sell more drugs

Higher bail = sell more drugs whores and guns to make the bond. What difference does it make if theyre in jail or at their house while they wait for trial? Their drug runners and "shooters" arent all locked up so they can still cause the same destruction from behind bars. financial iniquity causes these problems and until the underlying social and political issues that cause it are fixed we will always have a gang and drug problem in every major city.

Or you can keep pushing poor people out of the city and let the suburbs and neighboring states deal with it. They just held one of the largest raids in vermont history in bennington yesterday. Guess where most of those arrested were from.

It is easy to sit on your computer and think " good, these pieces of shit are locked up" and feel good about yourself because youre so much better than these gangbangers. However, that isnt going to make them go away.

Well then?

Well then, what's your solution? Take money from lawyers and brain surgeons in Brookline and hand it over to the "poor" thugs? Aren't we already doing that?

Round 'em up!

I was just thinking the other day, "when is BPD going to bust out that dragnet and do sweeps like they did in the 90s?" I used to be able to go anywhere I wanted as a teen without worrying about stray bullets. Now, I'm always on high alert.


Thanks Boston police! You just helped out my hood by arresting our rivals. Lol instead robbing and killing them pussies u just did our job! More money for us!!!!! I love this city.....

we all aint in there so

we all aint in there so becareful what u say nine times out of ten it was sombody from your block if not u who was telling only a cv would say some shit like that the biggest rats in boston u aint safe.....


I think BPD might be interested in the two posts above, and their associated IP addresses...

Its a start

These dudes wernt as organized as much as the police giving them credit for, Im from these neighborhoods and ive seen so many dudes go to jail, die, and just waste life away. Not sure how much of a message this is going to send because theres another 27 more ready to take their place but hopefully itll steer a separate 27 to the right path,