Tim Murray drives away from race for governor


holy poop!

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wow! didn't expect that.

Dear God the circus is going to get awfully crazy real soon. Can't we get a year off from electoral nonsense??

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Holy poop, indeed!

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I thought that Babyface was something approaching a lock for the Democratic nomination.

Now, if the MassGOP has any sense left whatsoever, this will crystalize the plan the execution of which should already be underway to gracefully withdraw Scott Brown from the Senate ring in favor of a run for Governor in 2014 and let Bill Weld, who could actually win the Senate seat, run for that (and get the ultimate revenge on that fool Helms, as Warren has on all the sucker mcs who blocked her nomination).

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Bill Weld boasted of how lazy

Bill Weld boasted of how lazy and incompetent he was in office, and couldn't get out of Massachusetts fast enough at the end of his term.

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That may or may not be true of Weld, but not sure it matters.

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That may be so (although I don't remember such a boast), but I'm not sure that would outweigh the fond memories that many people have of him and that era (even if the majority of UHubbers don't feel that way).

I could actually see supporters turning such a boast around by adding "...and he still did more to keep the Democrats and runaway spending on Beacon Hill in check than anyone else since" or some such political malarkey. (Fun memory: several people whom I think are pretty sharp, who hail from very different bands on the political spectum and who had dealings with Weld have all told me, at different times but in similar words, that even if the guy had been hitting the amber-colored liquid since 9 a.m., he was still sharper at 4 p.m. than anyone else in the room and 98% of people in general).

In any event, I not willing to believe that the guy moved back to Boston and went to work for ML just so he could have an office to look out over waterways he once jumped into. There has to be some political play in process.

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No. I didn't believe his story. I just believed he had the typical tone-deaf chutzpah and oversized ego to think he would still get elected.

Be sure to put some thumbtacks points up in your hand before you do that maneuver. ;]

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