Police: Man attacks father with a 40-oz. beer bottle as mother, toddler flee from Red Line train

Transit Police report arresting a Weymouth man for the sort of crime that might make the parents of a young child think twice about ever getting on the T again.

According to police, the parents and their 2-year-old daughter boarded an inbound train at Wollaston around 6 p.m. - to the sounds of a couple across the train arguing with each other. Police say the male yeller, Joseph Pacheco, 43, of Weymouth, twice took a moment off to ask the father for a cigarette. The second time, police say, Pacheco leaned over the toddler's stroller:

The female victim/mother of the 2 year old demanded Pacheco back away from her daughter. Pacheco's female companion took exception to this request and began assaulting the female victim. The male victim intervened and was then attacked by Pacheco, at this time the train was pulling into Broadway station and the female victim along with her young daughter were able to vacate the train.

Pacheco and his female companion continued to assault the male victim, this time however Pacheco attempted to strike the male victim with a 40oz container of beer. The victim was able to elude the beer bottle and it shattered against the train wall.

Transit Police officers arrested Pacheco on charges of assault with a dangerous weapon (the beer bottle) and assault and battery. Turns out he was also wanted on a warrant for shoplifting. He's scheduled for arraignment today in South Boston District Court. His female companion managed to elude police.

Innocent, etc.



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Pro Tip

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The next time you get on a train car where people are arguing loudly with each other, switch cars at the next stop. You can't fight crazy.

yeah especially when there

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yeah especially when there aren't many people on! This is so scary. I take the redline everyday. People shouldn't be afraid to take kids on.

I was on the Red Line

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a few summers ago, traveling from DTX to JFK-UMASS for an offsite work assignment, around noon. Three townies get on the train, one acting erratically and the other two laughing/trying to get their friend to behave.

Erratic Townie starts panhandling for money. My coworker and I ignore him. He then decided it's more fun to jump up and down on the seats, run back and forth on the train car, and then roll around on the floor.

Well, of course.

But for these poor folks the story reads like there wasn't a chance. I've navigated my daughter away from more than a few potentially dangerous T/erratic panhandler situations. She hates the T. I guess she's a smart girl.


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I'm not trying to slam Quincy and Weymouth, but they have a serious problem with bums like this. A lot of young punks,too.

No cops around. Why is it this state makes it so difficult to defend yourself and family under such situations? Why? Why must we [decent people] always end up victims? Police aren't capable of being everywhere, in fact in most cases they aren't around when a crime like this is committed. They only investigate and make arrests AFTER THE FACT, if possible. As a society we've become too passive [and passive aggressive], too domesticated, like house cats.

You must be

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You must be republican.
Quincy is swarming with cops... And the incident happened on the red line... So its mass transit cops youre looking to blame.
Get your misdirected views straight.
If we as a people have become passive, why are we throwing 40's?
I argue we aren't passive enough.

You're thinking of the movie Minority Report

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We don't investigate or make arrests for crimes before they occur. And I'm pretty sure we wouldn't be willing to pay enough in taxes for police to be everywhere. Not even thinking about the Orwellian implications.

Orwellian implications?

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You mean a surveillance society?

Looked up while in any T stations, lately? DTX has more cameras than ceiling lights in some areas.

The T thinks the solution is putting cameras everywhere, not having a visible police presence. I can't remember the last time I saw an MBTA cop anywhere except in his cruiser.

So now, instead of someone stopping that crackhead, you get the shit beaten out of you, and then maybe if they find the person, they get arrested and in court their public defender tells a sob story about how gosh-darn-hard their life is and they're back on the street the same day....or they enjoy showers, a nice bed, heat, hot food, and clothing on your tab. For beating you, the taxpayer.

Your Homeland inSecurity dollars at work.

I live in Quincy. Slam away

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In the 15 years I've lived there and taken the Red Line 5-6 days a week to/from North Quincy, I've never had a problem with drunks like I have in the past couple of years. I had an incident with a bum a few weeks ago that made me feel afraid for my safety. I've never had that happen before.

However, most of the punks are from Braintree or further down the South Shore in places like Deluxebury.

and you can tell this how?

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Do they wear tshirts that say they're from Braintree/Duxbury?

Yeah, definitely more "punks" from those towns than Quincy. How many heroin busts in Deluxbury this week?

one good thing about the NY subway

back in the 70s and 80s: they left the end doors of the cars unlocked, and the motorman's cabs were half-width, so you could travel between cars while the train was in motion to get away from someone whose behavior made you feel unsafe. This was at least a little bit dangerous and you weren't supposed to do it, but many people did, including myself. They lock the doors now, except on the 1 train, which doesn't fit fully in the South Ferry loop so you have to exit through the forward cars.

Air Cooled

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This reminds me that one time, probably 10 years ago now, on the Orange Line there was some crazy problem with brakes (or at least that's what we were being told) and the conductor had to go back and forth between cars several times. He left the between-car doors open. This was summer, and about 100 degrees out. Riding those few stops above ground with the air rush through felt terrific.

BTW, amazingly, the MTA still keeps most of the between car doors unlocked, though I think it's really only the panhandlers who use them these days.

No, all NYC subway end doors

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No, all NYC subway end doors are still unlocked, except on the 75-foot cars which are found on some of the lettered lines, where the driver can remotely unlock the doors in an emergency.

But it's now illegal to pass between cars. And they enforce it strictly.

The South Ferry loop was replaced by a full-length platform in 2009. Though the new station has been closed since the hurricane.

Toddler Attack

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The cops did their job they arrested the psycho, now lets see the courts do their job not release him back on the T. What did the rest of the passengers and train attendants do, watch as a mother and her child were attacked?

I bet you're the tough guy

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with the super human reflexes that would have instantly processed what was going on and sprang to the defense of the helpless. Give me a break. You weren't there, no point passing judgement.

Paul Mucci

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This story reminds me of the Paul Mucci story from last year on the blue line. Is there any update on that case? From what I can tell on Facebook he still isn't in jail and is still openly threatening to beat people:

People who don't show down appointment an don't call or answer, are 2faced assholes an I got nothing for you,except a beat down, the girls? You get yours in the end if I don't decide to have someone take care for me,I've got friends, real ones,