There's probably a droll story behind the car on the Green Line tracks in Packards Corner tonight

This car.

UPDATE: An MBTA spokesman reports: "There was no damage to the tracks. No injuries. The auto was towed away, and trolley service resumed. It's unclear how this atom-splitter ended up on the Green Line tracks.

Woman claims GPS told her to drive on Beacon Street trolley tracks.



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Too literal

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Helpful Citizen giving directions:

Yeah,it's about a quarter mile down on your right....just follow the tracks.

After a night of drinking and

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After a night of drinking and regaling the bar patrons about his days meeting with Kings and Queens as an international man of mystery, a local pol decided to drive home.

Green Line Driver "Sir, get off the tracks"
Driver: "Bqhatevwr"

It's fairly easy to make that mistake

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in the dark, if you're unfamiliar with that area. I've seen several people almost turn onto the tracks or go the wrong way down Comm Ave because they got confused trying to navigate in heavy traffic in the dark.

Poorly marked

There used to be bollards right at the end of the streetcar platform to mark the tracks. Cars frequently ran into the one on the outbound track as they struggled to make the turn to follow Commonwealth there. The T decided to solve that problem by removing the bollards, so now the separation is really poorly marked.

Silly bollards

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The bodies of waiting riders do much less damage to cars that drive up onto the platform and the tracks.


Yep, that's pretty much how I've felt since they did that - they'd rather risk having cars hit people than have them keep knocking down the bollards.