Presidents' days in Boston

Truman, McCormack, Dever and Curley

The Boston Public Library has posted a series of Leslie Jones photographs of presidents in the Boston area, including Harry Truman campaigning in Boston in October, 1948, with J. W. McCormack, Gov. Paul Dever and Mayor James Michael Curley. Other photos include Franklin Roosevelt, Hoover, Wilson, Harding and Taft. Below, former President Teddy Roosevelt leaves a Beacon Street residence in April, 1916:


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    In this day and age Teddy Roosevelt

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    In this day and age Teddy Roosevelt would have been a Democratic standard bearer. He wouldn't have had a chance being nominated by the a rabid tea party base in the Republican Party.

    Ahhh... how education

    Ahhh... how education standards have dropped. T.R. was a rabid inperialist war-monger. His imperialism was worded in terms of racism - the white race taking their rightful place leading the world.

    Yeah - that would get him nominated by today's Rainbow Coalition of Democrat insiders. I recommend a visit to the library.

    Yeah, interesting character

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    On the one hand, as you say, a warmonger who would have been right at home with declaring Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (when Colombia didn't just let him dig his canal, he stationed a warship offshore and fomented the "revolution" that gave us Panama). On the other hand, domestically, he and Elizabeth Warren would have had much to talk about - look at his role as the first of the big trustbusters (followed in quick order by an even bigger trustbuster - Taft).

    What day is it?

    Off-topic, a bit.

    When I posted on Facebook last year about Veteran's Day, my friends chewed me out, saying it was "Veterans Day" with no apostrophe "s" and "DEFINITELY NOT" "Veterans' Day".

    Following this logic, we would not have "Valentine's Day" nor would we have "Presidents' Day". We don't have "Columbus's Day", after all.


    it's "Washington’s Birthday"

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    legally, massachusetts doesn't have a president's day or a presidents' day. we have washington's birthday, and we tell the other presidents to get bent. federally, the day is also washington's birthday.

    a lot of states do have presidents/president's/presidents' day, and the spelling varies by state.

    Cannot equate Veterans Day and Valentine's Day

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    I always thought it was "Veterans Day", as in "a day for all who are veterans", as opposed to the possesive "Veteran's Day" which implies "a day belonging to a certain veteran". You can't equate it with Valentine's Day, which can ONLY be spelled as such, as presumably there was only one St. Valentine, whom the day belongs to, hence "Valentine's Day". The latter is a moot point anyway, as Valentine's Day is fake holiday, over which there is much unnecessary ado.

    Declining to respond

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    Presidents Day - a day about them
    Presidents' Day - a day for them
    President's Day - a day for him/her

    Since the point was to combine the celebration of Washington (Feb 22) and Lincoln's (Feb 12) birthdays as an honor to both...and then all of the Presidents...either of the first two choices can be correct. However, I don't believe we should exalt the men but the office, so I prefer the first option if this is less about the specific birthdays of two of the more notable former Presidents.

    It is a day to celebrate the fact that these men have stepped up to lead, not a day to celebrate the men who did. The same is true of Veterans Day to me.