Locally sourced cannoli

Kathy Cahill asks:

Where to find locally made cannolis in JP-Ros-Hyde Park?



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Some answers via Twitter

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Tutto Italiano

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Tutti's, as it's referred to locally, has excellent cannoli with no hint of that evil pastry creme stuff.


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Tutto's is great

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Can't vouch for the cannoli but I bet it's great b/c every damn thing I've ever had from Tutto's has been delicious. Love that place.
Nice peeps, too.

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A follow up

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Thank you for the leads! Tutto Italiano sells mini-cannolis which are delicious. We did also get some larger cannolis (standard sized) at Sugar West Roxbury. But my son (whose birthday we were celebrating) deemed the mini-cannolis from Tutto's far superior. And the sandwiches at Tutto's are heavenly -- highly recommended! Thanks for the feedback.

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