Farm to table in the Back Bay

Ludwig Van Morrison asks:

Recommendations on a farm to table style restaurant near the Taj, preferably great wine list? Cost not a concern.




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I agree

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with the recommendation for Craigie on Main, which is one of the pioneers of farm-to-table in the Boston area, going back to when it was the Craigie Street Bistro and wasn't on Main at all. However it's across the river from the Taj. Erbaluce is not far from the Taj at all, and though it's Italian, it's slow-food Italian, with a new menu every day based on what's available. And it's one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Farm to Table

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Let me "3rd" the suggestion of Erbaluce, which is a short walk from the Taj. Chef Charles Draghi cooks exceptional food with the daily menu showcasing the most fresh ingredients daily. It is considered the best Italian restaurant-I have had some of my best meals ever there. And not your typical Italian fare. Great wine list across all price points. I'll also add Frank McClellands L'Espalier. Amazing use of New England ingredients and a wine list to knock your socks off. Neither may be considered "Farm to Table" by purists but about as close as you get. And yes if you are up for the venture to Cambridge (and can get a reservation) Tony Maws Craigie on Main is truly farm to table. No snout or tail left un-turned. I worked 100" away for many years and have had snout, tails, marrow and all the other parts there. Incredible. I still like the burger there the best however :-)