Needham Line

By - 8/17/09 - 11:55 am

Anna B reports her train this morning was two hours late:

... My train died at my stop and we wound up having to be pushed into Boston by another train. On top of that, the conductors didn't even announce the correct stops. ...

By - 7/19/09 - 9:59 am

Boston Police tweet officers are at the Highland stop this morning after a decapitated body was found on the train tracks....Read more

By - 7/6/09 - 3:02 pm

Early this afternoon near the Greendale Avenue bridge, Channel 5 reports.Read more

By - 7/15/08 - 8:51 pm

Are MBCR conductors on another secret job action, or do they all just have sore throats? Charlie on the Commuter Rail reports what happened at Ruggles yesterday afternoon:

... An outbound train pulled up to Ruggles at 4:19; everyone got on. One passenger asked what train it was, and discovered that it wasn't the Franklin train after all; it was the Needham train, running

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By - 2/29/08 - 9:56 am

Figures. Those disintegrating, cracked Northeast Corridor ties will affect some MBTA commuters out of South Station. The Globe reports the rail lines between Back Bay and Readville will be shut June 14 through 17 to allow for replacement of the ties there. That means buses for commuters on the Attleboro/Providence, Franklin, Needham and Stoughton lines (dear Globe: What about the Fairmount Line?).

Commute-a-holic, meanwhile,...Read more

By - 2/22/08 - 3:58 pm

Catberta reports the 8 a.m. inbound train at Roslindale Village today was actually two minutes early.Read more

By - 1/9/08 - 11:20 am

Turns out Amtrak still handles the dispatching for trains out of South Station - and the track between Boston and Providence - so a possible strike by Amtrak workers next month could make commuting a bit more interesting from the south and west:

... A strike would nearly shut down South Station, forcing thousands of commuters on to subways, buses or into their own

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