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By - 9/17/07 - 8:59 am

Harold M. Clemens writes; says Hispanics seem to own all the apartments in the 'hood these days:

... lord knows I'm tired of grinnin', cracking fake smiles, and putting on an affected accent just to find a place to rest for the next few months. I'm even more tired of being second guessed. one palito bitch asked me, "You make $40k?!" in visible shock

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By - 9/10/07 - 11:05 pm

Amy discovers her new next-door neighbors came equipped with banjos - and very healthy pipes:

... As I stood waiting for someone to answer my loud and impatient knock, I heard more clearly what was happening. At least four people were in the neighbor's apartment singing a song about Jesus. Loudly. I waited for a while, but I was chilling in my hallways in

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By - 9/6/07 - 12:12 pm

Jenny discovers a solution for the neighbor from hell with the all-screaming, all-the-time kids. Classical music and speakers pointed out the window are involved.

By - 8/28/07 - 1:51 pm

Jenny has them - bad enough to force her to flee her own apartment just to get some sleep.

By - 8/22/07 - 10:21 am

Alyssa Boehm thought she could live and let live with the groundhog in her yard. Until she went outside and discovered Hoggy likes her tomatoes:

... And so it begins. Let loose the dogs (or cats) of war. I gotta find some mothballs... and maybe Bill Murray.

Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now about to become the Masters champion.... Read more

By - 8/21/07 - 9:00 am

From this to this.

By - 8/20/07 - 10:06 am

Mike Ball goes on a tour of JP houses with built-in garages:

... They were the first in the Boston area, maybe in New England. These narrow and short rooms nestle under the compact houses. When they were included in the houses in the 1920s, they were perfect for the reigning Model-T Fords. Yet quickly as Americans emerged out of the Great Depression, their

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By - 8/14/07 - 8:30 am

Apparently, B Street is now the Seaport District.

By - 8/5/07 - 9:24 pm

Nobody messes with Moe's garden. So when woodchucks started feasting on it and moth balls failed to keep them away, Jeff got all Caddyshack on them:

... I poured tiki torch fuel down their hole and set it on fire. Then I set some mothballs on fire and rolled those down the hole too.

While I didn't manage to start a forest fire, I

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By - 7/30/07 - 1:37 pm

Boston Condo Guy provides an overview of a $15 million unit in Trinity Place at 1 Huntington Ave. The unit actually consists of two previously separate condos that were smushed into one giant unit with 8,500 square feet, eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms and four entire parking spaces - they were consolidated by some guy who spent a bit under $8 million for them back... Read more

By - 7/24/07 - 9:38 pm

Jane confronts one at eye level and the results are not pretty:

... Now my bedroom wall is adorned by centipede guts that I can't seem to clean off! ...

By - 7/18/07 - 10:35 am

Among other things, don't make the proximity of a Dunkin' Donuts a selling point:

... In the Boston area, that's no more remarkable than saying that you've got indoor plumbing.

By - 7/10/07 - 10:38 am

He might forget about his answering-machine crusade for awhile and figure out why it's so frickin' difficult for residents to get a hydrant and guard rail taken out by a car repaired:

... We figured that the fire hydrant was the responsibility of the Public Works Department and that the guardrail would be cared for by the Boston Transportation Department. Makes sense, doesn't it?

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By - 7/2/07 - 12:13 pm

I got the following e-mail from somebody who wanted to know if either anybody knows about the situation he describes or Walpole/Norwood forums to which he could post. If you know about either, post here or mail me and I'll forward:

I am looking at a house in Walpole that is right off Pleasant St On Pleasant St. about a quarter mile from the

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By - 6/28/07 - 8:22 am

One of them rolled right through Jay Brewer's house last night:

... We decided to turn off all non-essential equipment and AC units until bed time, but it didn't make much difference, in the end we had to turn off all of them as they didn't really cool or work well, and you can damage the units if they continue to work under low

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By - 6/24/07 - 11:33 am

On Boston Daily Photo, which you should visit, well, daily, Cowpark illustrates one of the problems of moving into or out of a triple decker:

Moving out of a triple decker means some of your furniture doesn't fit down the stairwell. That's Leyre's husband lower my chair down from the balcony of our (well, not ours anymore!) third floor apartment. ...

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By - 6/14/07 - 8:36 pm

No one enjoys having their apartment up for lease, but do rental agents always have to make things so much worse for those of us running down the last weeks of our tenancy? I know they're eager to get their commissions, but don't they understand that to do that they just might want to make a good faith effort at getting the on the good... Read more

By - 6/1/07 - 11:29 pm

I've witnessed people being Massholes while they drive, ride the T, watch (talk through) a movie to name a few scenarios. Tonight however, I'm faced with an entirely new experience that rivals the others.

The 10pm Apartment Move-In

I've often asked myself "Is there anything so mundane that it cannot be Massholified?" Apparently not, as moving into one's apartment now takes its place high on... Read more

By - 5/14/07 - 5:23 pm

I've been out of the apartment scene for awhile now, so I guess I didn't realize the importance of Dunkin' Donuts proximity as a selling point.