By - 6/17/11 - 4:16 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Hyde Park man on drunk-driving charges - and that his two daughters delivered him to the police station for booking.

According to police, Jose Avillan, 47, of Hyde Park, plowed his Taurus into the back of a mini-van on Hyde Park Avenue - with his three-year-old granddaughter in the front seat - around 9:30 p.m. The car's airbags deployed... Read more

By - 6/16/11 - 6:34 pm

Some 21 years ago, Don Martelli and his brother got their father a battery-operated Bruins clock. But dad vowed he would only actually put a battery in after the next time the Bruins won the Stanley Cup. Guess what he did last night?

Bruins Clock: The Movie.... Read more

By - 6/16/11 - 9:03 am

Historic Bruins sweater

Max Gitell, 4, of Roslindale looks pretty cute in that hand-knit Bruins sweater he's rocking this morning.

But mom Dana reports there's a story behind the sweater: Husband Seth's mom, Leanne Gitell, knit the sweater for him when he was 3 years old -... Read more

By - 5/25/11 - 12:05 pm

Jackson JacksonBoston City Councilors John Connolly (at large) and Tito Jackson (Roxbury, South End) today proposed raising the minimum age at which public-school students could leave school to 18.

The two say similar action in other states has led to dramatic decreases in dropout rates; they will hold a hearing... Read more

By - 5/23/11 - 3:08 pm

The parents of a girl bitten by a brown Chihuahua in Cambridgeport last week are hoping the owner will come forward and let them know if she has to complete her painful rabies injections, Wicked Local Cambridge reports.

By - 5/4/11 - 8:55 pm

The Globe reports the MBTA board decided today not to change its policy and ask parents to fold up strollers on T trains and buses.

The vote came after mothers showed up at a board meeting today to express their displeasure at the idea.

Googiebaba discussed the organizing moms did:

The mothers have mobilized. You wouldn't know because you aren't on

... Read more
By - 5/1/11 - 10:05 am

The Herald reports the T is readying a policy that would require parents to fold their strollers while on trains.

MBTA GM Richard Davey: "There are some that are like SUVs."

Carla, mother of two, however, is aghast:

On busy train, parent should stand holding baby in 1 hand, stoller in other, & not be able to hang on to anything? Unsafe.

The... Read more

By - 4/14/11 - 7:00 am

OneIn3 Boston sponsors a session today on increasing the roles of fathers in Boston Public Schools. A forum that starts at 6 p.m. at Madison Park High School will feature "actively engaged fathers, academic leaders, and other stakeholders who will explore and promote male involvement in their children's education; especially in early childhood."... Read more

By - 3/31/11 - 11:31 am

UPDATE: He was found and is OK.

Tobias ChaseBoston Police tweet officers are looking for a missing 10-year-old, Native American, 4'11" with blue eyes and weighing 110 lbs. He was wearing a bright blue North Face jacket, blue jeans and black sneakers.

Police say Tobias Chase ran away from his Alveston... Read more

By - 3/26/11 - 1:09 pm posts a copy of a petition from parents at the Eliot School asking the city to expand what is the downtown area's only public elementary school:

The recent Boston Public School lottery assignments left many of our families with no placements in the system. These displaced North End families are now facing very difficult decisions regarding their ability to raise their children here.

... Read more
By - 3/10/11 - 8:45 am

Just because your stroller is too large to fit in your Charlestown townhouse doesn't mean you can chain it to a street sign every night. At least, not without somebody complaining to the city about it.

By - 3/7/11 - 8:38 am

The Boston chapter of TAG (Teacher Activist Groups) which is a national coalition of grassroots teacher organizing groups is up and running and their new website recently launched. You can check it out here:

There are already some interesting posts regarding Boston student assignment and videos about the potential school closings.... Read more

By - 3/4/11 - 3:27 pm

LaraThe owner of a school-van service was arraigned yesterday on charges he sexually assaulted a young girl in one of his vans on the way home from school on Tuesday.

Sergio Lara, 53, was ordered held in lieu of $100,000 bail at his arraignment in Chelsea District Court on charges of rape of a... Read more

By - 3/2/11 - 9:06 am

BJ Ray doesn't get why people are organizing protests over the closing of the Hi-Lo but not the Agassiz School:

Boston Public School administration has given the school the kiss-off and, it would seem, is readying it for private development. For a school whose majority percentage of students were minorities in the community, this should be greater cause for alarm than an organic food

... Read more
By - 2/15/11 - 3:53 pm

At-large City Councilor Ayanna Pressley today called for a comprehensive sex-education program and for easier availability of condoms in Boston schools.

"Not taking action, now that would be controversial. It would also be cowardly and counter to what I believe the role of government is - to solve problems and make people's lives better," she said at a hearing.

Pressley said she was not advocating... Read more

By - 2/15/11 - 11:12 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court ruled today a woman who claimed to be the daughter of an East Boston parking-lot owner could share in his estate even if none of the man's relatives had ever heard of her - or even if she was not his biological daughter.

At issue is a $32-million estate left by Lou DeSanctis, who, despite having made millions running contracting businesses... Read more

By - 1/27/11 - 5:20 pm

It's getting to the point where you need more than your hands to count the number of snow days around here, which means summer vacations will start a bit later than usual for a lot of kids.

In Boston, the last day of school has moved from June 21 to the 27th. But it won't go much further: the teachers contract stipulates that school ... Read more

By - 1/12/11 - 8:17 pm
By - 1/12/11 - 5:18 pm

So another day with the kiddos.