British TV show gathers Bostonians to talk about the election

The BBC's World Have Your Say has rented out Old South Meeting House today and stuffed it with "U.S. voters" who are supposed to be answering the world's questions about the presidential elections. The show airs live tonight on BBC World TV, 8:10 p.m., our time.

H/t Sarina Tracy and Ami Chitwood.



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No doubt

the BBC will stack the 'voters' and of course include some 'colourful' characters. Then of course there's the Boston accent thing.

Helps to read the linked information

We're LIVE with WHYS TV. Our team is in Boston, Massachusetts. hosting a live debate - we're asking is America working? We've been touring Chicago, Cleveland, San Diego, LA, Scranton and Boston asking workers around the country what they think of the state of the USA and what the president can do for them. Watch our film on BBC World TV now.

I'd also appreciate it if they got their (#&#%^P(! trucks out of the bicycle lane - or, at least, light them properly and display their permit.