Would you bet on South Station?

The Herald reports a developer has been quietly asking about whether it could take over the stalled South Station skyscraper plan and build a casino there instead. No names mentioned, but presumably Caesars is not a possibility.



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    Is it April 1st already?

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    This is a joke right? Prepare for bloody war if this goes anywhere beyond the talking phase. The violations from the clean air act from all the smokers combined with the train and bus exhaust would give everyone in the Leather District and Fort Point contact lung cancer. Do we really want to see a massive sign that screams Harrah's Boston that can be seen for miles around?

    Our tax dollars spent billions taking down artery, building the transportation infrastructure, and cleaning up the harbor for this?

    This isn't Springfield where a downtown casino will actually improve the area. Have you been to Sprignfield lately? The Downtown looks like what the South Station area looked like in 1980. Blighted and on living on government support. I was there 2 weeks ago and it was National Sit On Your Porch Day. It isn't Boston.

    Piss off Hines. These Texan twits can't get a a Duplo block set built here and haven't been able to for 20 years. Time to yank the air rights and give them to real developers like John Hynes, Fallon, or Boston Properties.


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    A luxury casino at South Station makes no sense. It's on a major highway, there are too many trains and buses that serve it, it's connected to the airport by the silver line, it isn't in a residential neighborhood, it's too close to the convention center, and there are no views of oil tanks.

    A proposal like this would call the city's bluff. Do they really want a world class luxury casino or is that just a ruse to sneak a slot barn into a residential neighborhood to suck our working class dry.

    Completely disagree

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    I completely disagree; the best way for a casino to be truly successful in Boston is for it to appeal to out-of-towners just as much as it appeals to locals. With the proximity to the BCEC, all the new waterfront hotels, and the airport, not to mention the various commuter rail lines, a South Station casino would be perfectly situated.

    It still boggles my mind that we don't hear a constant drumbeat of "build a casino right on top of the BCEC"

    One Problem

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    Boston already has a shortage of hotel rooms. It is one reason that the convention centers are not booked out - no place to put people.

    Our admins have had a tough time for years getting hotel blocks for meetings without reserving them months in advance. This doesn't seem to be a problem in Montreal, which is the only urban casino that I can think of (and the place is an insanely unfriendly fortress to boot).

    Boston doesn't have a

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    Boston doesn't have a shortage of hotel rooms. In fact many of the local hotels are in financial trouble!

    They're buliding more

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    Have you not noticed all the construction down by the waterfront? Hotels are popping up like weeds there and would certainly continue to do so if said casino shows up nearby


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    Maybe read Mateo's post again and be on the lookout for sarcasm....

    I was responding to the

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    I was responding to the original reply, not Mateo's. His wasn't posted when I originally hit reply

    Freddie's Field's Corner Casino

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    Cigarettes! Liquor! Lottery Tickets! Calling Cards! And Check Cashing

    WE Accept Food Stamps and WIC

    Last time I checked casinos

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    Last time I checked casinos don't bring around the classiest of people. A casino at South Station would turn the downtown area to shit just like Atlantic City.

    They already have Rush Hour Track Roulette* there...

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    ...so they might as well allow for other forms of gambling (OK, I know the newsstand sells lottery so there is already a real form of gambling there).

    *That's where you stand outside next to a track on which there is an uncalled train, hoping it's the train you're wanting to board and get a head start on those waiting inside the station.