Cold vanquishes Red Line

UPDATE: A second Red Line train died at Alewife; another Green Line trolley gave up the ghost, bollxing up outbound C and E service. Commuter rail? You don't want to know.

In this young year, the Red Line is now 2 for 2 in morning-commute delays due to dead trains, this time at JFK/UMass, but today has the extra bonus of delays due to "weather-related issues."

Meghan C. reports it took her 75 minutes to get from Braintree to MGH.

The Green Line was also having problems, due to a recalcitrant train at Kenmore. There was also a dead train on the Blue Line.

It was a different story on the Orange Line. At 7:24, Joe Growhoski tweeted:

Orange line nice warm and smooth ..... So far



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Welcome to Boston, Ms. Scott!

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I know the delays have nothing to do with our new GM but it might be a good idea for her to get out on a freezing cold platform one morning with cameras so we can see her out there trying to connect with commuters and feel what it's like to stand there for 40 minutes in 20 degree cold.

20 degrees? Also, Ms. Scott should bring some friends...

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20 degree cold would be nice, but....

having her out in the 6 degrees that I had in Brookline at 7a.m. this morning would be better.

Hell, some of the exurbs were down at or below 0 - let's go for the gold and get her, the entire General Court and Governor out there with her.

I use 20 degrees as an example

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One of the clipboard T guys at South Station once joked about the Red Line being the "20/80" line. It breaks down if the temperature is below 20 or above 80.

It was way colder than 20 this morning on that platform. It's barely 20 in Quincy now.

Took an hour and five minutes

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Took an hour and five minutes from Quincy Center to Park St. The ride itself was 50 minutes--double the usual time.