Luxury tower downtown could finally be getting the restaurant its owners kept promising

The Boston Licensing Board holds a hearing next week on plans to convert long empty space at 45 Province St. into a pizza restaurant called Strada 45.

The building's developers got a full-service liquor license from the board in 2008. The board rescinded the license in 2011, but the developers got it back in an appeal to the state Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission.

John DeSimone will explain his wood-fired pizza concept to the board at a hearing on Wednesday. Board hearings start at 10 a.m. in its eighth-floor hearing room in City Hall.

Post updated to withdraw a reference to the restaurant chain DeSimone said on his LinkedIn page that he was the owner of, but wasn't.



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I hope this works out.

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I hope this works out. Province Street has so much potential but never seems to take off. The very cool Cafe Province abruptly closed after only a few months of business, the latest in a line to not work out there.

Province Street

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Province Street is basically an alley. There used to be cool, funky things there like The Littlest Bar, before they decided to turn the street into a Disneyland for the rich with the luxury high rise and luxury cupcake shops. Some funky places remain there, as well as the charmingly faded sort of elegance of Cafe Marliave. If it keeps being upscaled we will have a repeat of what happened in Kenmore Square. Urban character transformed into gentrified nothingness.

Replacing the shitty garage

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Replacing the shitty garage with 45 was a good idea. Killing the Littest Bar wasn't.Other than that there wasn't much to "upscale" on that block. A bunch of run down office lunchrooms and not much else lined that street prior to the tower going up to replace the garage.

Agreed about Province Street

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It's the street I cut through when I'm on my way from work at Government Center to the nail place on Bromfield Street. I doubt it's going to become a destination for many people.

It's not "if" this place

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It's not "if" this place becomes a destination but "when." The Filenes redevelopment is only a half-block away and I don't think there's any question that the project will transform the neighborhood. I walk through this part of town all the time, too, and - trust me - Province St is hardly a "Disneyland for the rich." Which planet are you on?? Eighty percent of the businesses on that block have been there for at least 80 years. Frankly, I'm surprised that it hasn't become more gentrified. It will happen, though, and I applaud it. Downtown Boston needs to clean up!