Another voyage before she goes into drydock

USS Constitution in Boston Harbor

Jan looked out her office window this morning to see Old Ironsides returning from Castle Island after a salute of volleys.

The nation's oldest commissioned warship goes into drydock for two years of repairs in March.

Jocelyn photographed the Constitution from East Boston, on her way out to Castle Island.

USS Constitution

Ted Schwartzberg spotted the ship from the Government Center area:

USS Constitution



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Not the last

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she has 2 more turnarounds, one at the end of August and another in September.

September date?

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Was at Castle Island today to see the turn-around. Great site! Do you have the September date for the last turn-around before the ship goes into dry dock? I looked on the ship's web site and Facebook page and couldn't locate the information. Thanks!

With all that volleying ...

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You'd think sooner or later one side or other of these volleys would hit something. Be much more exciting.