Custom dome

Dome inside the Custom House in Boston

Ryan Ruel looked up during a recent visit to the Custom House.

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    They've improved the visiting hours!

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    I remember last year I stopped into the Custom House Tower, and the Mariott folks said there was only one public tour offered per day, and it filled up early.

    On a whim, I saw the sign yesterday for "Sunset Tours" at 6 pm, and sure enough, it was open. Tickets are $7.50.

    It was definitely an amazing view, and even cooler to actually go to the top of such a recognizable and historic building. They have some tables up there to just hang out, and it wasn't crowded at all.

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    Am I misremembering, or was

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    Am I misremembering, or was there supposed to be a guarantee of public access to the observation deck when Marriott bought the vacant building from the city?

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    Nice dome shot

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    The Custom House is a hidden

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    The Custom House is a hidden gem - the view is spectacular, and the old federal edifice itself is most impressive. And they have a FALCON-CAM!

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