Walsh to gaming commission: You haven't heard the last of us

Lawsuit? Mayor Walsh issued this statement today on the Massachusetts Gaming Commission's decision yesterday that Boston isn't a referendum-holding host community for either of the proposed local casinos:

Based on the ambiguous and arbitrary process the Gaming Commission has pursued, we believe that we have multiple options available to us at this time.

We are continuing to work aggressively to determine the appropriate action to continue our fight for the people of Boston. My position has not changed: Boston is a host community to both sites, and the people of Boston -- of Charlestown and East Boston -- deserve the opportunity to vote and have their voices heard. ​



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Walsh, I like you

You've done some great things so far and you haven't been up anybody's ass like your predecessor, but, um, East Boston already had its voice heard, and they said "no."

That they're too stupid to read a map and grasp basic geography and understanding of current affairs is not your fault. It's not anybody's fault but their own. I'm waiting for your presser in which you rip your own city's constituents for being complete dopes, although that might not help you win re-election.

I mean, how was it not clear to voters that their vote wasn't going to torpedo a project based at a site that clearly straddles TWO municipalities? Did they think that Revere wouldn't get a turn to vote if it were on their property?

Just trying to take full advantage of the

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legalized extortion pot of gold "mitigation" windfall. I don't agree with Walsh, but I can hardly blame him. After all, I'm sure that shooting for easy cash takes much less work than engaging in efforts to bring real manufacturing firms and businesses that will produce meaningful benefits to society and consistent long-term economic benefits to the region will.


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What era is this? 1950?

Manufacturing is definitely not the way to long-term economic benefit these days.

There is a fairly robust manufacturing sector here.

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One can peruse it in detail at a site designed by the High Tech Council.

https://www.innovationaccess.org/ It is a subscription thing but I mined it for leads a few years ago and was impressed by its diversity.

Mass is a major beneficiary of the Defense Dept procurement rules that stipulate a US origin for our various military things.

There are often civilian sector spin offs as other product lines take shape.

It isn't something you'd notice if you are in some unrelated Boston career bubble unless you look for it.

Natick Labs was one of the original 'incubators'.

These tend to be smaller operations involving highly skilled people although there is a jet engine factory at some backwater called Lynn involving some obscure firm called General Electric.

We did ship the cheap crap making off to China but we aren't ready to hand em our missile making work yet.

So East Boston residents are

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So East Boston residents are stupid dopes for voting against a casino that they didn't want? They'd be geniuses for voting for something they were against? Thanks for the democracy lesson.

Well ,at any rate they should

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Well ,at any rate they should have been aware of the entrenched gambling culture of Suffering Downs and The Dog Track , and also the reality of the geography, and anticipated the response of the gambling entrepreneurs. They boxed themselves into a corner. Martin is just hoping to get some go away money. There should have been more thought beforehand, because , Everett or Revere , it is a reality, it's destiny , there is going to be gambling over there. The real loser is the Revere Beach Parkway.

Let the City sue

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And that will be the end of casinos in Massachusetts as we know it.

Not your fault Marty

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Marty, It's not your fault that the dope Menino instead of thinking of the City on his way out the door was filling his pockets with jobs and money. Shows how he REALLY cared. Screwed us all on the way out the door. If he cared he would have quieted the East Boston Nuts who now will suffer all the negatives while they admire their parking lot. FOOLS.

Look around

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And see how many of Menino's stooges are still on the payroll. Nothing changes until we get a Republican Mayor.

Only for people specifically

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Only for people specifically going into the racetrack or casino though right? Just because I live near the site (Winthrop) and have to travel through Eastie doesn't mean I should have to pay a toll.

What if..

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..these sugarplum fantasies of something for nothing and hospitality biz croupier jobs don't pan out?

What if the gambling bucket sails without hitting the envisioned critical mass of willing free spending chumps?

What if rain doesn't follow the plow, after all?

Beyond thinking it is another grubby masshole hustle, I don't have moral qualms about idiots who are in a hurry to impoverish themselves.

I just figure we have plenty of evidence at hand to suggest the gambler faucet is running dry.

The early adopters in Connecticut are starting to choke and and batches of dimbulb easy breezy geniuses in other adjoining states have similar simpleton sky pie hopes to be dashed in Rhode Island, Maine and New Hampshire as all vie for the chump money.

It will be really funny if process happy Mass takes forever to get these tar pits for fools up and running while the more nimble contenders in RI and NH fire up their versions well before our idiots are done arguing about parking lot configurations and paint job colors.

We will once again be all dressed up with nowhere to go other than Revere.. or Everett.

Who needs tropical paradise beach locations when you can have tank farms, salt piles and Bell Circle traffic hell?

What If

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Spot on! Beautifully stated...thanks!