Baker won't cut all weekend service on commuter rail

The Globe reports.



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    As usual

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    Twitter Dave has been all over this one.

    Now someone ought to ask the T: do they have any vision for weekend Commuter Rail? Or are they going to continue running the same crap service they've always run?

    For instance: how about cutting a deal with the PEM in Salem: the T runs service every hour on weekends to Salem (here's how they could do it) and puts a bunch of ads up for the PEM on buses and subways and the PEM gives anyone showing a Commuter Rail ticket $5 off admission on weekends.

    See it's not that hard!

    PEM probably doesn't want to give up the revenue...

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    ...from T riders, but that's beside the point. Plenty of attractions all over the north shore, it's definitely the area best suited to developing more frequent service on the weekends, even if the damned Newburyport station isn't where it should be.

    What worries me about Baker's announcement is the word "altogether." So this was likely a "softening up" to get us prepared for cuts that now won't seem as draconian.

    the PEM gives anyone showing

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    the PEM gives anyone showing a Commuter Rail ticket $5 off admission on weekends.

    But that would require conductors actually giving people some sort of a receipt. Usually the only time I end up keeping my ticket after traveling is if I bought an inbound ticket on board with cash. Tickets printed on Charlie stock the conductor usually takes.

    It varies

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    They always use the clicker to invalidate the Charlie tickets, but then I'd say about half the time they tuck that in the top of the seat to mark me as PAID.


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    Wouldn't this just discourage people from using the mobile app? Unintended consequences and all...

    So Baker saved the day (from

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    So Baker saved the day (from Baker). Now when he just reduces weekend service on the commuter rail he will claim a victory. He came in saying (like Romney and Trump) that he would use his Ivy League MBA management "expertise" to make the T run better, but all he has done is reduce service and cancel projects and raise T fees. It doesn't take an expert to charge more for less service.

    but weekDAYS, not so much

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    So, CR has been saved from ill-advised weekend cuts, but what is going on during the week? 3 out of 4 days this week (so far), there have delays, cancellations and massive signal failures on the Newburyport/Rockport line.
    Is it my imagination or has service gotten Worse since it was announced weekends had been saved?