Boston losing another Panera

The Daily Free Press reports the Panera at 888 Commonwealth Ave. is shutting down because, basically, the rent is too damn high. Last year saw several Boston-area Paneras shut down, including the one in West Roxbury and the one near Faneuil Hall.



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In food are tight and competition fierce lately, but it's still wierd to see a chain owned by big company saying the rent is too high.

We're on a path, apparently, where the only storefronts are basically living billboards with the companies and owners that have enough in their marketing Dept to fund them as such.


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franchises its Boston locations.

Does BU own the building?

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Does BU own the building? High rent might be a way to kick them out in order to put in their own stooge

BU pretty much owns it all

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BU owns almost everything from Kenmore to Packard's Corner.

The building with U-Grill and Louie's is proudly independent still. There might be a few like the charter school and all down closer to Packard's Corner that aren't BU owned at this point in time.

Yes BU owns it.

Panera usually has big stores with a lot of seats, which obviously equates to more $/sq. ft.

New BU Plans

BU recently sold off all of Kenmore and recently they've been turning retail space into academic space. (Guitar center space into engineering lab, etc)

It could just be the competition

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In that block, on that side are OTTO, Chipolte, and Sunset Cantina (plus 7-11 and CVS, which have snacky items.) Maybe the bloom is just off the rose with Panara (I still love them.)


The average age of a Panara customer seems to be on the side of out-of-college. That area is nothing but undergrads. Might just not be their market.

Not always.

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in BU area, sure, but I've strolled by several Panera locations that were chock full of the blue-hair set.


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I don't think it was a lack of customers - that Panera is packed at lunchtime.