Hope springs eternal in the hearts of Green Line riders

Old MBTA map showing Arborway line

Pat from Boston notes that Hynes station still has maps showing the E Line going all the way to Arborway (even if in the "temporarily suspended" format), something it hasn't actually done since Dec. 29, 1985.



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Interestingly, according to

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Interestingly, according to Wikipedia, the station wasn't renamed from Auditorium to Hynes Convention Center/ICA until 1990. So by the point that sign was made it had been "temporarily suspended" for at least 4-5 years.


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I was at Government Center one day and helped a tourist figure out that he needed to get on a train to go to Park Street to pick up the Green line train he needed. So he said "Oh, so, you would know this. My guide book says that service to Arborway has been temporarily suspended. How long has that been?" I thought for a moment and answered "Since 1985." His face fell and he said "Oh, so it probably won't be restored while I'm visiting Boston." "How long will you be here?" I asked. "A week." "Then no."

Take the #39

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Take the 39 bus from Heath St MUCH more efficient than trolleys running on the street. The new folks in JP fought a futile and crazy battle to keep the trolleys on the streets

They should restore the

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They should restore the trolley to Hyde Sq - have a one-way turnaround that turns left by Canary Square bar, through Hyde Square and down Perkins Street to re-join 2 way service at South Huntington. That stretch of South Huntington is wide enough for a trolley, car & bike traffic, and on-street parking in most places. Would also make a huge swath of JP within walking distance of a train stop.

Auditorium Station

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          ( take the Silver Line for the Convention Center )