MBTA issues new warning: Don't dance in the subway, darling - at least, not on the yellow strip

The Globe reports that the guy who fell on the Red Line tracks at Park Street yesterday, bringing the line to a halt at rush hour, was dancing his way down the yellow warning strip when he misjudged a move and took a plunge. A T spokesman is quoted as urging riders not to do that.



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ABBA Adam?

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    ( I like Carol Douglas' rendition better )

    ( and then, Tina Charles was something else! )


Petula Clark--don't sleep in the subway, darlin'.


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Dancing on the Highway


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The guy in question made a horribly stupid mistake, but here's hoping that he makes a quick recovery from his injuries.

Dancing on the yellow strip....not a smart or a good thing.

Subway Dancing

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Its not against the law to dance on the MBTA and I suspect those yellow strips were slippery and defective. There will be a major lawsuit against the MBTA and they in return will order the Transit Police to arrest all subway dancers which will result in more lawsuits and the beat goes on. A couple of dancers in New York were recently awarded 75,000 when they were falsely arrested by the Transit Police for the crime of dancing in the subway.

Subway Dancing?

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Is subway dancing a thing? I guess I'm out of touch.

Yellow Line

There is 1000 signs saying to stand behind the yellow line, dancing or otherwise.

It was an accident. Not the MBTA's fault.

The T is not claiming it's a violation to walk (or dance) on them, just that it isn't a good idea. Good advice!

They need the signs

that Cure used to have circa 2011 plastered all over saying "Please refrain from dancing. Thank you, Management." Mind you, this was a nightclub, so it was a bit weird.

The yellow bumpy strip is

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The yellow bumpy strip is called tactile paving and it's purpose in the subway is so the visually impaired don't walk off the platform. Installed due to passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act. So, no, the T won't be sued over them because someone is acting foolishly.


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The T will be sued, by they will get a summary judgement in their favor. Never underestimate people's desire to sue.