MBTA to shut Kenmore station at halftime

The T says Green Line trolleys will just zip through Kenmore starting in the third quarter of the Super Bowl and that the 8, 57 and 60 buses that normally stop at the station will also bypass the square.

The T says it's shutting down service at Kenmore at the request of Boston Police, who are taking a number of steps to keep possible Patriots celebrations in the square from getting out of hand.



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    It is unfortunate

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    It is unfortunate that the rest of us, including those that have to work, have to be inconvenienced this way because of a bunch of yahoos are running roughshod over everything and acting like idiots under the guise of rooting for a sports team.

    Because it's such a terrible

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    Because it's such a terrible inconvenience to walk that extra 1500 ft. to another green line or bus stop?

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    But consider

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    "Because it's such a terrible inconvenience to walk that extra 1500 ft. to another green line or bus stop?"

    But consider what you have to walk through to get there! Unrestrained yahooism.

    So-Called "Super Game" Events Need More Ⓣ Service, Not Less!

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    Just the regular sport games people play in Fenway Park cause horrible traffic, but when it's one of those "world bowl" or "super series" things, the problems are much worse!

    The Kenmore Square station is critical for getting hundreds of people out of the area when Fenway Park lets out. Closing it on Sunday during a big game makes no sense — with Kenmore closed, where are all those people supposed to go?!!

    I can only imagine this will result in countless, unruly mobs of drunken, angry, ballgame fans milling about Boston, futilely searching for a functioning station!

    Game isn't at Fenway

    so the issue of dispersing a Fenway Park crowd is not really relevant. On the other hand, since the game is not in that neighborhood, why should it disrupt transit at all?

    If BPD is so concerned about

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    large crowds hanging around T stops after the conclusion of a football game that's not even being held in this state, then why not close Park Street and Downtown Crossing as well? Or North Station, Haymarket, and Government Center.

    Heck, while they're at it, why don't they just shut the entire MBTA system down after 2 pm on Sunday.

    North/South Stations

    Since crowding is suddenly a problem they care about I look forward to them closing the terminal stations during rush hours daily.

    We just can't take the risk.