By - 10/8/15 - 3:40 pm

Scene of the crime. Photo by Josh.

Around 3:30 p.m. Police are looking for a white woman with pulled-back black hair in a black sweatshirt and blue jeans, carrying a large bag, last seen disappearing into the crowds on Winter Street. She was accompanied by a white man, 5'8" to 5'10" and about 170 lbs with a scruffy beard, wearing a black zip-up jacket and a black and green Celtics cap.

Another view of the scene, by Tom McLaughlin:

Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 3:39 pm covered a BRA meeting yesterday on the proposed Lewis Wharf hotel:

Unfortunately, many commenters were heckled and several shouting matches broke out before and during the public session. Police were called and on site during the forum. At times, the discussion became divisive and hostile. Among the barbs thrown were harsh, sterotypical references to types of people living in various parts of the neighborhood (waterfront vs. interior North End, newcomer vs. oldtimer, rich vs. poor, etc.).

By - 10/8/15 - 3:36 pm

A San Jose, CA, man spent the night at a State Police barracks after, State Police say, Zeva the Belgian Malinois drug dog sniffed what turned out to be roughly 100 pounds of marijuana in his luggage. Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 3:33 pm

Boston University and the Huntington Theatre Company released a joint press release yesterday announcing they were dissolving their 33-year old partnership. As a result, Huntington will have to vacate their facility at 264 Huntington Ave. BU will immediately list that property for sale, along with the two buildings adjacent. Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 3:21 pm

A Suffolk County grand jury has indicted Gregory McCoy, 26, on charges he killed Fritz Philogene in a crash at Norwell Street and Talbot Avenue in May, then ran away, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 12:40 pm

The Dorchester Reporter reports on early planning for a possible luxury complex at what is now a marina at Port Norfolk, next to the Venezia.

By - 10/8/15 - 11:52 am

The Southampton/Crosstown Safety Task Force met this morning to survey the mounting problem of drug addicts discarding ever growing numbers of needles in the streets and on the sidewalks of the Newmarket Square area - home to a number of programs for drug addicts and the homeless.

A landscaper working the grounds of a hotel in the area recently got pricked by a needle. Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 9:09 am

The Boston Business Journal reports a New York group has filed a letter of intent with the BRA to tear down an old building at 73-79 Essex St. and replace it with a 220-room hotel.

The building, used for light manufacturing, is next to Chau Chow City.

By - 10/8/15 - 7:51 am

So that's why commuters heading north on roads south of the city are seeing a dark plume of smoke this morning, from what has become a two-alarm fire at a Town River marina. Photo.

Video from Quincy Police and Fox 25: Read more.

By - 10/8/15 - 7:49 am

Because they might really be three dudes who will smack you in the head with an aluminum baseball bat and steal your phone and your marijuana, reports, adding police suspect the three used in at least two other robberies.

By - 10/8/15 - 7:28 am
By - 10/8/15 - 7:24 am

Stephanie Fox, 30, of Randolph, forged her Boston employers' names on checks to pay for Movado watches, a diamond-pendant necklace and trips to the Bahamas, Aruba, Hawaii, Newport, Cape Cod and Disney World, federal officials charge. Read more.

By - 10/7/15 - 10:49 pm

And it's a perfect city council maneuver because it involves doing absolutely nothing, the Globe reports. Granted, it would only take them to the $99,500 the mayor proposed rather than the $105,000 salary that was angrily demanded by Council President Bill Linehan, but that's not bad for...

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By - 10/7/15 - 9:38 pm

Updated with info from WCVB.

A man who wasn't allowed to bring his dog into the tiny Familia Grocery on Grove Street returned around 9:30 p.m. with a knife, WCVB reports.

Read more.

By - 10/7/15 - 7:28 pm

Frustrated commuters are checking in from a Rockport Line train that has joined the choir eternal in a tunnel in Salem.

By - 10/7/15 - 7:06 pm

Dedham Police report they are trying to figure out who spray painted a total of five swastikas and left other offensive graffiti around town, including at the Endicott commuter-rail station.

Read more.

By - 10/7/15 - 5:44 pm
Truck vs. SUV in Allston

Michael Kieloch shows us why the traffic getting off the turnpike at Allston/Cambridge is so slow this afternoon.

By - 10/7/15 - 5:34 pm

The countdown sign at Boylston eastbound (inbound) was activated earlier today. Read more.

By - 10/7/15 - 2:23 pm

Flu-fighting staffers at Beth Israel get down to this. sick. beat.

H/t Nick McNulty.

By - 10/7/15 - 1:54 pm

A homeless man was ordered held yesterday at his arraignment on charges that he beat a man into unconsciousness Sunday night on a commuter-rail platform at Back Bay - then returned the next morning to tell police the still unconscious man had been attacked by somebody else - the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.