By - 10/13/09 - 8:29 am

So the Fire Department puts out a $100,000 fire in a prominent Chinatown restaurant and uncovers illegal living quarters and possibly a gambling den in the seven floors above it. The Herald has the story. The Globe doesn't.

By - 10/12/09 - 4:54 pm

A Chinatown restaurant's decision to seat two separate parties at the same table early one May morning led to a mugging and beating that left one man with permanent brain damage, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Boston Police charge, announcing the arrest of three men and a teenager for the attack.

By - 10/12/09 - 11:42 am

Local 718 tweets a fire broke out in a heating unit at Pho Hoa, 17 Beach St., around 11 a.m.

The Boston Fire Department tweets the fire did roughly $100,000 in damage and that firefighters checking upper floors of the building found "a large room for sleeping" on the fifth floor, more "illegal rooms for people to sleep in" on the second floor and a social club on the third floor with "what appeared to be many code violations." Police and Inspectional Services are now handling the investigation.

By - 10/9/09 - 12:57 pm

Photos. Background on the three-month project.

By - 10/5/09 - 8:26 am

Ari Herzog reminds us why it's a good thing we're usually asleep at 2:30 a.m. instead of trying to get something to eat at the Apollo restaurant in Chinatown:

... About TWO HOURS AFTER entering the place, and telling the kitchen to stop the teriyaki dish, we want to leave. We can't. We have a bill for $32. That was after taking the teriyaki dish off the bill. Why should we pay for food that arrived OVER AN HOUR LATE due to waiter forgetfulness and then bringing out the wrong teriyaki dish? Back and forth with the manager, yelling match ensues, we refuse to pay the bill but they won't let us out without paying.

Did I mention the large-framed bouncer at the door? ...

By - 9/18/09 - 1:24 pm

The Boston Fire Department tweets the 2:30 a.m. fire, in a six-story apartment building at 49 Beach St., started in the basement, caused $200,000 of damage and forced 125 residents into the cold early morning air - 12 of whom had to be taken down on Fire Department ladders.

By - 9/1/09 - 10:23 pm

New buidling on EssexDeveloper Ori Ron told the Boston Civic Design Commission tonight he still plans to build a tower combining condos with retail space at the Dainty Dot parcel at Kingston and Essex streets, where Chinatown meets the Leather District and the Greenway.

Ron also told commission members and nearby residents he would not leave them with another Filene's-type hole: He said he would not tear down the existing Dainty Dot building until he has financing in place to at least build the external frame of the tower.

Ron showed the commission revised plans for the 180-unit building - which already has city approval - that would lower its height from 291 to 261 feet, decrease the number of parking spaces in a garage built into the building's lower floors and do away completely with the skeletal remains of the Dainty Dot building that now sits on the parcel.

By - 8/25/09 - 4:39 pm

Boston Police report a man walking along Kneeland Street around 11:50 a.m. on Monday was approached by two black males, one of whom said he had a gun and took his wallet.

Police say officer soon found one of the suspects, whom the victim identified. They add he had an amount of money on him that exactly equaled the amount the victim said had been taking from him.

Darrell Weaver, 50, was charged with armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.

By - 8/24/09 - 5:14 pm

The MBTA says it's shutting down its GPS-based arrival system along Washington Street tomorrow to comply with a federal mandate to change the frequencies used by the system.

The T says it expects to have the system up and running by Sept. 24. The FCC is forcing the T to change frequencies to keep the system from possibly interfering with public-safety services. The T adds:

In addition, Global Positioning System (GPS) technology will be unavailable to dispatchers in the MBTA's Bus Operations Control Center. As a result, bus dispatchers will not have the capability of making real time schedule adjustments. As the MBTA’s mobile radios are reprogrammed, they will begin to migrate over to the new frequency set and begin to populate the data system. Completion is slated for September 24th, but communications personnel are determined to complete the transition before that date.

By - 7/17/09 - 9:44 am


She adds:

Said person was off the bus with her toddler when this all went down; situation resolved by driving away from inbound Herald St stop.

By - 6/25/09 - 12:24 am
Chinatown upside down

Truck Stop Tea Party looked down while walking through Chinatown.

Copyright Truck Stop Tea Party. Tagged as universalhub on Flickr.

By - 6/19/09 - 9:38 am

The Chinatown Main Street Festival has been postponed from Sunday to July 12, by which time it will either have stopped raining or we'll all be living on rafts.


By - 6/10/09 - 12:39 pm

Nearly $200,000 in statewide grants help families cope with the economic crisis

By - 6/4/09 - 3:30 pm

Boston Police report arresting a New Yorker who allegedly knocked on a Chinatown resident's door, "flashed a badge and attempted to gain entry."

Police charged Hector Rincon, 26, of New York with impersonating a police officer, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. The would-be victim told police Rincon was accompanied by two other similarly dressed men.

By - 5/28/09 - 2:07 pm

Boston Police tweet somebody was just stabbed at St. Francis House, 39 Boylston St. Although paramedics are on scene, the homicide unit has been summoned just in case.

By - 5/21/09 - 2:04 pm

So mistakes happen and all four subway lines ground to a halt this morning because oopsies, somebody pulled a plug out of the wall tripped a circuit breaker.

But shouldn't the emergency lights that come on when the power goes out be able to guide passengers upstairs?

Apparently not. Bill describes the scene at New England Medical Center during this morning's festivities:

... The new emergency lights that have been installed recently (which - judging by the 600V warning sign on each of them - appear to draw directly from the track circuit) weren't working.

On the way up the stars the mass exodus of passengers crossed paths with a handful tourists headed down. Welcome to Boston.

Similar situation at Harvard.

By - 5/20/09 - 11:56 am

Rhea Becker ranks more than 30 restaurants in Chinatown - with special attention to the quality of their hot and sour soup.

By - 4/25/09 - 5:02 pm

Five people stabbed in three locations early this morning, with one location having three men stabbed, the Globe reports.

All five stabbing victims were men, ages 25 to 40, no further information provided. In the incident in Dorchester, the victim reportedly refused to describe his attacker(s).

By - 4/14/09 - 3:37 pm

Boston Police report a rebuffed request for money turned into an attempted holdup around 1:30 this morning in Chinatown: When a man refused to give some guy $2 at Washington and Essex streets, the guy started yelling at him.

According to the victim, the suspect then put his hand in his pocket feigning like he was armed and told the victim, "You are not going anywhere!" while pushing him several times.

The victim, however, did go somewhere - down Essex Street, where he had earlier seen some cops, who promptly arrested Douglas Murphy, 35, on charges of assault with intent to rob and assault and battery.

Innocent, etc.

By - 4/6/09 - 10:50 pm

This poster, spotted on Essex Street in Chinatown today by the Water Girl, would really benefit from a little Goldenstash magic (and make just as much sense).


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