By - 9/21/08 - 1:03 am

Boston Police report that around 3:30 this morning, two men, from Dorchester and Roxbury, were arrested on charges they robbed a man on Washington Street near Tufts Medical Center and threatened to stab him if he contacted police. He disregarded them and police soon arrested Willanetti M. Hairston, 34, of Roxbury and Stanley Munroe, 43, of Dorchester on armed robbery charges. Police say one of the two offered to give the money back in exchange for being freed. Police say they gave the offer all the consideration it was due.

By - 7/23/08 - 11:20 pm

Boston Police report arresting a local guy and a Tewksbury resident on robbery and assault and battery charges shortly after 11 p.m. yesterday in Chinatown.

Police responding to a report of a robbery at LaGrange and Tamworth say their attention was drawn to "the hurried manner" in which two guys were running on Washington Street toward Hayward Street. The victim then identified them and his cellphone was found on one of them, police say.

Meanwhile, police report arresting a pair of Brighton lads on charges of general dumbassery in connection to their alleged desire to smash overhead lights on the Cambridge Street footbridge over the turnpike in Allston around 2:25 this morning.

By - 6/22/08 - 12:34 pm

Tufts gets a $2.5-million grant to study the effects of living next to a major highway in both Chinatown and Somerville:

By - 6/4/08 - 10:00 am

Will Ng photographs all the vacant storefronts in the neighborhood.

By - 5/29/08 - 7:41 pm

Will Ng reports the hole in the ground at Washington and LaGrange that was supposed to become a 26-story building is still a hole in the ground, but now it's filled with white gravel instead of just dirt.

By - 5/9/08 - 7:12 pm

Will Ng wonders why the Boston Arts Academy is refusing to discuss its plans to build a school in Chinatown.

By - 5/4/08 - 11:50 am

The Herald reports a couple of guys in a brown Japanese sedan were spotted dumping what turned out to be a male body near the Franklin Park Zoo's overflow parking lot last night.

Police are also investigating a Chinatown stabbing last night: They say a man made it to South Station after being stabbed in a bar where he said the bartender kicked him out after he was sliced open.

By - 4/26/08 - 10:01 am

The MBTA is about to embark on an expensive, time-consuming effort to change New England Medical Center to Tufts Medical Center on all its maps and at the station itself. Although the T has asked Tufts to help pay for the work, Steve Garfield doesn't get it:

Why add the Tufts branding to the T signs? If they want to purchase naming rights, have them pay.

Otherwise, just get some white paint and white stickers and change the name from New England Medical Center to Medical Center.

Like on this map on the Orange Line at Downtown Crossing? Maybe they could apply some of that white paint to the Arborway line while they're at it.

Arborway line?
By - 4/17/08 - 8:57 am

Sam Yoon warning residents against a lottery scam targeting the neighborhood, specifically: Elderly, non-English-speaking residents.

By - 2/18/08 - 11:51 am

cHrOmeHeArTs1888 shot some video during yesterday's Chinese New Year events in Chinatown:

By - 2/10/08 - 5:03 pm

Boston Police report a man was found stabbed to death this afternoon at the Metropolitan, a high-rise condo and apartment building next to New England Medical Center where units go for $600,000 and up.

Anthony Chambers, 51, of Boston, was arrested not long after and charged with killing the still unidentified white male in his mid-30s. The victim was found around 1:40 p.m. at the 1 Nassau St. complex and was pronounced dead at the scene.

This is Boston's tenth murder of the year and possibly the first that has nothing to do with Dorchester (eight of the other murders happened in Dorchester; the ninth involved somebody returning from the funeral of one of the Dorchester murders).

By - 1/30/08 - 7:57 pm

The Missus reports her husband didn't have the best of commutes this morning:

... Was on the orange line and suddenly 2 kids ran out of the train at New England Medical with a young guy chasing. I thought they may have just been late trying to get off the train. Nope - they apparently punched the young guy (likely mid-20's) and stole his i-Pod. The young guy chased them, but fell getting out of the train and the kids took off. ...

By - 11/11/07 - 7:27 pm

Boston Police report having to break up a hot and sour food fight at Moon Villa on Edinboro Street around 3:40 this morning:

By - 10/19/07 - 8:04 pm

Will Ng is on a quest for pork buns.

By - 10/15/07 - 11:44 am

Will Ng ponders:

... Growing up in Allston, I was exposed to the large Brazilian population in that neighborhood. This is a culture that is huge sports fans. I always knew when Brazil was playing soccer, especially when then won. Businesses would be filled with fans watching each game. Huge street parties seem to come out of no where, but why isn’t there something like this in Chinatown? What are we missing? ...

By - 10/11/07 - 11:56 am

The Herald reports on a fight over the old marble "foo dogs" that used to greet Chinatown visitors at the gate fronting the Big Dig.

A couple of foo photos.

By - 10/7/07 - 11:15 am

One might think it odd that a city whose mayor has pledged to plant 100,000 trees is now ripping out trees in one neighborhood. The Chinatown Blog reports the city has had contractors rip out a number of shade trees along Chinatown streets.

By - 9/27/07 - 1:47 am

Asked for change by woman, mugged by man with knife.

Timothy Taylor, 36, of Boston was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery and Assault by means of a Dangerous Weapon.

Boston Common

More info.