Early morning downtown beatdown ends with bloody victims chasing suspects right to the police

Boston Police report arresting a pair of men on charges they beat two other men early Sunday in the Financial District, just not badly enough to keep their victims from getting up and chasing them.

Police charge local Brian Dunphy, 21, and pal Matthew Kehoe, 21, of East Milton, jumped a couple of guys around 2:20 a.m. in Post Office Square, apparently for no particular reason.

Police say officers on patrol spotted the running scrum on Oliver Street, headed toward High. The pursuers, both with bloody faces and mouths told police:

They were punched and beaten to the ground, where they were kicked in the face by the suspects. The officers observed minor nicks and scratches with light specks of blood on the knuckles and hands of both suspects.

Dunphy and Kehoe were charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, to wit, a shod foot.

Innocent, etc.



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No subtle racist comments about crime and punishment from our local friendly trolls 

Hey troll...

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I thought you'd show up. Also, your comment makes zero sense. Please try again.

Ya because a fistfight

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Ya because a fistfight/jumping is just as bad as blowing someone's brains all over the sidewalk


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Attack. With beat down.

Fistfight = settling an issue between willing persons.

Love this remnant mafia thinking.

Bet these men have already

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Bet these men have already been turned back over to our streets. Won't show for court date, etc

Of course these "men" are

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Of course these "men" are back on the street. I would bet that they do show for the court date, with their parents and decent lawyers.

East Milton

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Ah yes - more suburban wilding! Hey, duuuuude - let's go into the city, get all "urban" and beat people up just like all city people do!


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I don't get these comments about race. What am I missing?

East Milton is close to 100% white, heavily Irish-American (Dunphy, Kehoe), and middle class.

Is the point that they will get off because they are white and middle class?

If you are going to point fingers, try not to be so subtle. It only makes you incomprehensible.

I'll enlighten you...

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When the perps aren't white, someone inevitably shows up on the comments section and posts something that indicates that race played a part in the perps nefarious activities. When a couple of white thugs beat the piss out of a couple of dudes for no reason, we get nary a peep out of the aforementioned racists.

They really didn't "beat the

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They really didn't "beat the piss" out of those guys. The victims did chase the perps right to the cops.
The comments I read on the articles where the criminal isn't white are mostly about the area where the crime takes place, I wouldn't say they suggest "race played a part". We don't know the race of most of the criminals we read about. People can assume based on the last name but you know what happens when we assume. Majority of the comments are related to the fact that a great deal of these criminals are repeat offenders, some of which have seemed to make a career out of being a criminal and continue to do so.

Brian Dunphy: another one of

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Brian Dunphy: another one of southie's finest ... but oh yeah, it's the yuppies who are ruining the neighborhood


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Where do you see anything about Brian Dunphy being from Southie? You don't, because he's not. Keep trying, though.


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I stand corrected! I looked, too, saw that profile and kept looking, because I was looking for a Milton kid. Anyways, this is one of those new generation Southie kids I can't relate to at all, pretty sad. I still contend that I bet he grew up partly in Milton and partly in Southie. (Perhaps coming in on the weekends, dropping his ahhh's?) But well-played, well-played, he has at least some connection to Southie.


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Far from it. I am well aware that there are bad apples from Southie. I am not trying to sugarcoat it. I took exception to the fact that this person was, I thought, misrepresenting this clown as being from Southie when he wasn't. I saw that he was and I owned up to it. I did say that this kid was from this new generation of Southie kids that I can't relate to and I stand by that, because I really can't relate to these younger kids. That is not to say that there aren't people from Southie my age, about 15 years older than the kids involved in this, who wouldn't do the same thing. Again, I am well aware that there are. I just think that Southie gets a bad enough rap, as it is, without taking the blame for things like this where I didn't think it was involved. I now see that I was wrong on that. However, if you think I'm wrong about the sh!t that Southie gets, just look at the comments section on boston.com or other sites the next time something bad happens in Southie or having to do with someone from Southie. It's pathetic. I grew up in a great neighborhood and had a great childhood that I wouldn't trade for having grown up in a much wealthier, much "more desirable" suburb. I knew mostly great people and, yes, some bad apples. There are good and bad from everywhere. I just didn't like the original poster's snide comment about Southie's finest and how, "Oh yeah, it's the yuppies ruining Southie". Whatever problems plague Southie are coming from both natives and newcomers. If you don't believe so, maybe it's you who needs to brush up on the logical fallacy of "no true Scotsman".

Well the Governer lives in

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Well the Governer lives in the Milton section that borders Mattapan and there are other black fam's that live around there