Two injured in large fight behind East Boston supermarket

Police responding to reports of a large fight behind the Shaw's, 246 Border St., around 5:10 p.m. found one man stabbed and another with a head injury.



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I wouldn't pay $850k for a

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I wouldn't pay $850k for a Luxury condo unit on Border street lol.. Knowing with all the junkies hanging around just yards across the street behind shaws supermarket fighting and stabbing each other ..$850k fuck that ..too dangerous to live around there..

East Boston Shaw's

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As a regular longtime shopper at that Shaw's, I have to say the clientele of that place consists of the most zonked out, overmedicated, oblivious people of all ages I have seen this side of Canal Street/North Station. I never really felt they were dangerous, just zombified. Lately, a large percentage of newly arrived hipsters and millennials have overrun the place however. I have to wonder who is going to move into those new condos across the street. It would have been a better move to renovate the once majestic Seville Theater that the new condo building once housed and have a community theater for concerts, shows, etc, like other communities have. But greed knows no bounds.

The rental market in Eastie

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The rental market in Eastie has reached a boiling point , there is so much to choose from, and the New Street Eddy building has beaten the rental competition , they have it by the balls!! Would you rather spend $2000k for a 2 bedroom in an old run down Triple decker or a new street East Boston condo.. check out the competition for yourselves.

its worth noting

that there are plenty of junkies that live in luxury condos, too

what youre saying is you dont like poor people

I'm not targeting the poor or

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I'm not targeting the poor or the unfortunate heroin addict , but that area is a known haven for drug addicts and drifters ( right behind Shaws and the Liberty market / liquor store and the new boutique hotel they will be building next door from shaws , I believe the walkway near shaws facing the harbor is owned by city a public walkway (harborwalk) which is out of view from border street. City of Boston should just completely block off that area .

Never mind the luxury units

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Never mind the luxury units on Border Street , how about renting at the Brand new Eddy building on New Street a stone throw away from the lovely Maverick projects.