Dorchester crime

Date Type Street
5/24/15 - 4:15 pm Little kid shot while riding his bike in Dorchester Shooting Bowdoin St, and Quincy St.
5/21/15 - 4:55 pm Person shot at Ellington and Erie in Dorchester Shooting Ellington St. and Erie St.
5/19/15 - 1:55 am Somebody stabbed in the head at Dacia and Dewey streets Stabbing Dacia St. and Dewey St.
5/18/15 - 10:20 pm Woman attacked, mugged at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery Sydney St. and Savin Hill Ave.
5/13/15 - 3:00 pm Police: Man operating a Home Depot cart under the influence pulls a knife Assault with a dangerous weapon 5 Allstate Rd.
5/13/15 - 9:30 am Police: Officers arrest man running away from them with a loaded gun without firing a shot Illegal gun possession 96 Harvard St.
5/8/15 - 11:45 pm Man in car shot in the chest on Dorchester street Shooting 12 McLellan St.
5/3/15 - 8:05 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 139 Washington St.
5/3/15 - 7:45 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Hancock St. and Trull St.
5/1/15 - 1:25 am Police: Drug dealer in pajama pants sticks up man at Dorchester ATM Armed robbery 572 Columbia Rd.
4/23/15 - 2:30 pm Police: Springfield crack dealer picks up where he left off in Boston, gets arrested Illegal drug possession 44 Arbutus St.
4/22/15 - 6:00 pm Three in custody after gunfire and chase down Blue Hill Avenue and Babson Street Gunfire 8 Johnston Rd.
4/21/15 - 7:05 pm Man stabbed, bicycle stolen outside Dorchester convenience store Stabbing 187 E. Cottage St.
4/17/15 - 6:25 pm Man stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Harvard St. and Gleaon St.
4/12/15 - 9:50 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Norton St. and Bowdoin St.
4/8/15 - 8:20 pm Man shot in Dorchester last month has died Murder 50 Richfield St.
4/6/15 - 9:20 pm Person shot in the leg at Dacia and Quincy streets in Dorchester Shooting 15 Dacia St.
4/4/15 - 12:05 am Man stabbed in the arm in Dorchester Stabbing Evans St. and Dyer St.
4/2/15 - 6:08 pm Cars shot in Dorchester Gunfire 15 Cunningham St.
4/1/15 - 5:30 pm Spitty in the city: Woman sought for attacking T bus driver with saliva, blunt object Assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Annabel St.
3/31/15 - 1:10 pm Two Dorchester schools put in safe mode as police hunt man with gun Illegal gun possession Normandy St. and Intervale St.
3/31/15 - 11:45 am Man found shot to death in building on fire Murder 332 Harvard St.
3/28/15 - 8:40 pm Woman shot while sitting in Dorchester apartment holding her baby Shooting Senator Bolling Cir
3/22/15 - 12:02 pm Teen charged with two armed robberies of Blue Hill Avenue convenience store Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave.
3/21/15 - 1:10 am Police: Hapless gunman slips and falls twice during chase, gets arrested Illegal gun possession Woodrow Ave. and Ballou Ave.
3/19/15 - 5:40 pm Police: Teen in a ski mask was packing a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Glenway St. and Bradshaw St.
3/19/15 - 12:50 pm Police say Four Corners raid yields drugs, assault rifle, money Illegal drug possession 14 Rosseter St.
3/12/15 - 12:20 am Man shot in Dorchester drive-by Shooting Barry St. and Quincy St.
3/11/15 - 9:54 pm Third food-delivery driver robbed at Codman Square house, but this time they only took his food Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd.
3/9/15 - 10:40 pm Police say food deliverers would do well to avoid 25 Regina Rd. in Dorchester Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd.
3/1/15 - 10:30 pm Person shot in lower abdomen in Dorchester Shooting 38 Wales St.
2/27/15 - 9:00 am Police: Raids, arrests in Dorchester, Mattapan bust up citywide drug ring Illegal drug possession 108 Greenfield Rd.
2/27/15 - 12:30 am Confrontation with police in Dorchester ends with man shot, officer stabbed Shooting Howe Terrace
2/26/15 - 12:53 pm Police: Alert customer leads them to Dorchester bank robber Bank robbery 494 Gallivan Blvd.
2/22/15 - 9:20 pm Home invaded, car stolen in Dorchester Armed home invasion 34 Franklin Hill Ave.
2/4/15 - 11:49 am Shots fired at Shawmut station Gunfire Dayton St.
1/22/15 - 4:00 pm Police: Three arrested on gun charges after one aimed both SUV and a gun at cops in chase along Gallivan Boulevard Illegal gun possession Adams St. and Granite Ave.
1/11/15 - 10:00 pm $2 million bail for teen charged with sexual assaults, armed holdups in Fields Corner and on the Red Line Armed robbery Dorchester Ave. and Charles St.
1/10/15 - 9:00 pm Police use beanbag gun to subdue man holding knife to throat after turning gas on in Dorchester home, attacking mother Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 383 Geneva Ave.
1/9/15 - 5:55 pm Car's rear window shot out in Dorchester; driver speeds away Gunfire Stonehurst St. and Hamilton St.
1/9/15 - 4:00 pm Police investigate stabbing at Burke High School Stabbing 60 Washington St.
1/9/15 - 12:32 pm Man sought for failed Ashmont bank robbery Attempted bank robbery 1906 Dorchester Ave.
1/8/15 - 11:10 pm With friends like these ... Assault and battery 1 Aspinwall St.
1/6/15 - 7:40 pm Police: After gunfire, teen arrested with loaded gun Illegal gun possession Johnston Rd. and Blue Hill Ave.
1/4/15 - 3:45 pm Shots fired on Dorchester street; bullet flies into apartment on street behind it Gunfire 88 Devon St.
1/4/15 - 1:20 am Woman pistol whipped in robbery near Ashmont station; victim's phone leads police right to suspects Armed robbery 9 Alban St.
1/3/15 - 12:05 am Police: 14-year-old with loaded gun in his waistband arrested Illegal gun possession Normandy St. and Creston St.
1/1/15 - 1:30 pm Man shot in the chest in Dorchester Shooting Olney St. and Inwood St.
12/29/14 - 9:10 pm Two guys run down a street, shooting at a fleeing car Gunfire Harrow St. and Humpheys St.
12/29/14 - 11:40 am Woman stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Ainsley St.
12/28/14 - 11:55 pm Two guys with a gun tried to rob a Dorchester pizza delivery man, but he wrested the gun away from them Attempted armed robbery 71 Church St.
12/28/14 - 11:30 pm Woman stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Milton Avenue and Fairmount St.
12/25/14 - 8:20 pm Three shot in Dorchester Shooting Norton St. and Bowdoin St.
12/23/14 - 5:30 am Man charged with armed robbery of Dorchester convenience store Armed robbery 187 E. Cottage St.
12/21/14 - 10:58 pm Police say officer fires at gunman outside Lee School Gunfire 155 Talbot Ave.
12/20/14 - 10:40 pm Gunfire on Dorchester street Gunfire 8 Nelson St.
12/17/14 - 1:35 pm Man shot dead at same Dudley Street intersection where a man was shot dead in September Murder Dudley St. and W. Cottage St.
12/14/14 - 2:30 am Police investigate sexual assaults in rideshare cars early Sunday Indecent assault and battery 1030 Commonwealth Ave.
12/12/14 - 6:30 pm Barber-shop owner stabbed to death on Adams Street in Dorchester Murder Adams St. and Pierce St.
12/11/14 - 8:20 pm Man stabbed on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester Stabbing 972 Blue Hill Ave.
12/2/14 - 9:50 pm Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester Shooting 77 Bowdoin Ave.
11/30/14 - 11:15 pm Shots fired on Blue Hill Avenue Gunfire Blue Hill Ave. and Brunswick St.
11/26/14 - 5:21 pm Pedestrian fatally struck on Blue Hill Avenue; driver speeds away Hit and run American Legion Highway and Blue Hill Avenue
11/20/14 - 11:30 am Student held up at gunpoint on UMass campus Armed robbery 100 Morrissey Blvd.
11/20/14 - 3:00 am Woman in car shot at off Blue Hill Avenue Gunfire Julian St. and Rand St.
11/17/14 - 6:00 pm Argument at South Bay Target ends with two stabbed Stabbing 7 Allstate Rd.
11/11/14 - 8:45 am Man shot in the arm in Dorchester Shooting 55 Milton Ave.
11/8/14 - 4:00 pm Man sought for murder of girlfriend on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester Murder 45 Bowdoin St.
11/8/14 - 2:10 pm Person shot in Dorchester, homicide unit summoned Shooting 110 Stratton St.
11/4/14 - 7:30 pm Dot. Ave. convenience-store owner robbed, shot Shooting 1002 Dorchester Ave.
11/4/14 - 4:59 pm Person shot in Lower Mills Shooting Dorchester Ave. and Richmond St.
10/31/14 - 3:43 am Food-delivery guys probably want to avoid 56 and 57 Stanley St. in Dorchester Armed robbery 56 Stanley St.
10/30/14 - 2:50 pm Police hunt motorcyclist who pulled a gun on a bus driver after near collision Assault with a dangerous weapon Dudley St. and W. Cottage St.
10/27/14 - 8:39 pm Two alleged hellions charged with beating McDonald's manager, trying to steal her wig, glasses and phone Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 605 Washington St.
10/20/14 - 6:24 pm Police play finders-keepers with bag full of guns and ammo under a rock in an abandoned lot n Dorchester Illegal gun possession Danube St. and Dewey St.
10/18/14 - 4:45 am Police: Dorchester fight ends with woman stabbed to death Murder 188 Washington St.
10/16/14 - 7:22 pm Man stabbed to death in Dorchester; suspect arrested Murder 205 Bowdoin St.
10/9/14 - 11:53 pm Gun? What gun? Oh, this little old thing? Gunfire 16 Bradlee St.
10/9/14 - 11:50 pm Ida Know was playing pool when the gun just mysteriously went off Illegal gun possession Bradlee St.
10/6/14 - 6:30 pm Man shot outside Ashmont station Shooting Dorchester Ave. and Bailey St.
9/30/14 - 9:40 pm Man shot in the stomach in Dorchester Shooting Ellington St. and Erie St.
9/29/14 - 7:15 pm Person shot in the face in Dorchester, dies Murder 564 Dudley St.
9/29/14 - 3:15 pm The bank president wasn't around this time Bank robbery 2250 Dorchester Ave.
9/25/14 - 7:50 am Police: Woman raped off Columbia Road in Dorchester Rape Columbia Rd. and Holden Street
9/23/14 - 3:50 pm Man in Sox cap sought for Dorchester bank holdup Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd.
9/21/14 - 12:00 am Man stabbed to death at Franklin Field Murder 5 Ames St.
9/20/14 - 12:39 am Shots fired in Dorchester; man arrested Illegal gun possession Fuller St. and Washington St.
9/17/14 - 9:00 pm Man stabbed on Ashmont Street in Dorchester Stabbing Burt St. and Ashmont St.
9/16/14 - 9:55 am Dorchester intersection raked with mid-morning gunfire Gunfire Wayland St and Magnolia St.
9/16/14 - 12:50 am Bullets fly in Uphams Corner; one ends up in bedroom Gunfire 45 Alexander St.
9/14/14 - 11:15 pm Police seek killer of Dorchester man, father of seven Murder 14 Glenarm St.
9/12/14 - 9:38 am Woman stabbed in Dorchester mugging; two arrested Armed robbery 11 Whitten St.
9/11/14 - 5:50 pm Codman Square bank held up Bank robbery 305 Talbot Ave.
9/11/14 - 5:25 pm Shots fired off Washington Street in Dorchester Gunfire Fuller St. and Washington St.
9/9/14 - 8:15 pm Fields Corner Game Stop held up at knifepoint Armed robbery 581 Geneva Ave.
9/8/14 - 10:30 am Maybe he's saving up for a Christmas present for himself Bank robbery 572 Columbia Rd.
9/7/14 - 9:45 pm Roxbury man learns the importance of always signaling a turn Illegal gun possession Trull St. and Hancock St.
9/5/14 - 10:30 pm Bat beating leaves three injured in Dorchester Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Brookford St. and Dacia St.
9/5/14 - 12:30 pm Man shows up stabbed in Fields Corner Stabbing Dorchester Ave. and Adams St.
8/31/14 - 9:21 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester Murder 52 Claybourne St.
8/31/14 - 5:00 pm Guy opens fire in Savin Hill T stop; fortunately, he was a terrible shot Gunfire 121 Savin Hill Ave.
8/31/14 - 5:30 am Three shot in Dorchester drive-by Shooting 24 Westville St.
8/29/14 - 11:40 pm Shots fired in Uphams Corner; car hit Gunfire 38 Monadnock St.
8/29/14 - 11:00 pm Man shot in the leg in Dorchester Shooting 102 Woodledge St.
8/28/14 - 1:50 pm Don't mess with Dot: When Lower Mills bank is robbed, bank president chases after robber, even gets a punch in Bank robbery 2250 Dorchester Ave.
8/26/14 - 8:00 pm Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester Shooting 241 Woodrow Ave.
8/26/14 - 5:40 pm Shots fired at Harvard and Glenway, Dorchester Gunfire Harvard St. and Glenway St.
8/25/14 - 10:40 am Shots fired on Dorchester street Gunfire 38 W. Tremlett St.
8/23/14 - 4:15 pm Car-to-car drive-by shuts Gallivan Boulevard in Adams Corner Gunfire Gallivan Blvd and Adams St.
8/23/14 - 8:15 am Two women shot on Blue Hill Avenue; one dies Murder Blue Hill Ave. and Charlotte St.
8/23/14 - 3:00 am Man shot three times in the head in Franklin Field Shooting Westview St. and Ames St.
8/22/14 - 2:35 pm Man shot in Grove Hall Shooting 77 Brunswick St.
8/20/14 - 7:40 pm Man shot at Ashmont T station Shooting 1900 Dorchester Ave.
8/16/14 - 3:00 pm Man, dog shot in Uphams Corner Shooting 11 Cawfield St.
8/15/14 - 11:45 pm Man shot near Codman Square Shooting 44 Rosedale St.
8/13/14 - 4:56 pm Resident's surveillance camera captures images of knife-wielding Fields Corner muggers Assault with a dangerous weapon Ditson St. and Arcadia Park
8/11/14 - 9:30 pm Man shot in Dorchester Murder 93 Devon St.
8/5/14 - 11:45 pm Person shot in Fields Corner Shooting Park St. and Geneva Ave.
8/3/14 - 2:00 am An entire hall full of people and not a one says they saw a guy get stabbed Stabbing 180 Mt. Vernon St.
8/2/14 - 11:25 am Shots fired at Ashmont and Washington streets in Dorchester Gunfire 6 Ashmont St.
7/31/14 - 10:05 pm Gunfire, blood on Dorchester street Shooting Harvard St. and Lorne St.
7/31/14 - 7:00 pm One man shot in Dorchester, another man shot somewhere Shooting 6 Gleason St.
7/31/14 - 7:00 pm Woman stabs man in the chest in Dorchester Stabbing 157 Washington St.
7/30/14 - 1:40 am Man stabbed in the chest in Dorchester Stabbing Pleasant St. and Stoughton St.
7/29/14 - 9:40 pm Gunfire erupts on Dorchester street; nobody hit Gunfire Topliff St. and Speedwell St.
7/27/14 - 5:30 pm Dorchester Reporter co-founder attacked in local park Assault and battery 2170 Dorchester Ave.
7/21/14 - 12:35 pm Man found stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Washington St. and Wheatland Ave.
7/20/14 - 3:45 am Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Bloomfield St.
7/20/14 - 12:30 am Man stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing 19 Cunningham St.
7/19/14 - 10:20 am Gunfire shatters Saturday-morning calm along Norfolk Street Gunfire Norfolk St. and Stanton St.
7/13/14 - 7:40 pm Man stabbed in the chest in Dorchester Stabbing 80 Greenwood St.
7/13/14 - 5:25 am Man shot repeatedly in Dorchester drive-by Shooting 76 Lawrence Ave.
7/10/14 - 11:20 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 6 Melbourne St.
7/10/14 - 10:00 pm Somebody shot in Dorchester Shooting 30 Longfellow St.
7/9/14 - 8:10 pm Driver plows into scooter driver in Dorchester, drives away, crashes into house in Jamaica Plain Hit and run Standish St. and Kingsdale St.
7/7/14 - 9:35 pm Police: Teen pack attacks, robs two people waiting for bus in Dorchester Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon Washington St and Erie St.
7/6/14 - 1:30 am Two shot at Dorchester cookout Shooting 52 Lawrence Ave.
7/4/14 - 8:25 pm Man stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing 5 Esmond St.
7/3/14 - 11:30 pm Hit-run driver plows into two pedestrians on Blue Hill Avenue, takes a look, speeds off Hit and run Blue Hill Ave. and Johnston Road
7/2/14 - 4:56 am Man stabbed repeatedly in Dorchester Stabbing Victory Rd.
6/27/14 - 4:05 pm Man shot several times in arms and chest in Dorchester Shooting 21 Topliff St.
6/17/14 - 8:45 pm Teen stabbed in the head, person shot in the stomach in Dorchester incident Shooting Harvard St. and Washington St.
6/16/14 - 7:04 pm Police: Gun suspect punches cop, reaches for gun, but is subdued Illegal gun possession 3 Bakersfield St.
6/10/14 - 10:00 pm Man stabbed at Lower Mills Star Market Stabbing 4 River St.
6/9/14 - 10:05 pm Man shot in chest and arm in Dorchester, but manages to flee shooter Shooting 378 Centre St.
6/9/14 - 1:14 pm Scruffy-bearded guy sought for Dorchester bank robbery Bank robbery Gallivan Blvd.
6/7/14 - 11:10 pm Two men shot on Bailey Street in Dorchester; homicide unit called in Shooting 25 Bailey St.
6/7/14 - 7:48 pm New Hampshire man charged as JFK/UMass groper Indecent assault and battery JFK/UMass Station
6/6/14 - 8:45 pm Man on motorcycle crashes in Dorchester; police try to figure out the deal with the two guns found on the street Murder 5 Taft St.
6/4/14 - 12:45 pm Two stabbed at Shawmut T stop Stabbing Dayton St.
6/4/14 - 12:15 pm Man stabbed outside high school in Dorchester Stabbing 9 Peacevale Rd.
6/2/14 - 5:53 pm Police: Motorist punches out bicyclist who refuses to go through a red light Assault and battery Dorchester Ave. and Columbia Rd.
6/2/14 - 10:00 am Guns come out in Blue Hill Avenue robberies Carjacking Blue Hill Ave. and Woodrow Ave.
6/2/14 - 9:35 am Lower Mills credit union held up Bank robbery 1205 Adams St.
5/29/14 - 2:20 am Police: Alleged dolts go outside, rob pizza guy, go back inside, are promptly arrested Armed robbery 77 Thetford St.
5/28/14 - 10:25 pm Shots fired through front door Gunfire 95 Bernard St.
5/26/14 - 5:30 am Uphams Corner street raked with gunfire Gunfire Quincefield St. and Wendover St.
5/23/14 - 11:30 pm Man stabbed in Dorchester, girlfriend sought Stabbing 10 Esmond St.
5/21/14 - 1:35 pm Man shot dead in Uphams Corner Murder 742 Dudley St.
5/18/14 - 8:00 pm DA: Man attacks bus driver who took pity on him and let him ride for free Assault and battery Talbot Ave. and Dorchester Ave.
5/18/14 - 2:10 am Man shot in Dorchester drive-by Shooting 207 Woodrow Ave.
5/16/14 - 1:15 pm Police: Bad driving leads to arrest of bad guy, seizure of bad weapons Illegal gun possession 119 Florida St.
5/11/14 - 7:30 am Gunfire brings police to Fields Corner intersection Gunfire Geneva Ave. and Waldeck St.
5/8/14 - 11:00 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester Murder 15 Cawlfield St.
5/8/14 - 1:15 am Paisley Park shooting sends one to the hospital Shooting Paisley Park
5/7/14 - 9:20 pm Two cars in drive-by battle on Uphams Corner street Gunfire 36 Monadnock St.
5/6/14 - 12:44 am Meter maids shot at early Tuesday in Dorchester Shooting Washington St. and Bishop Joe L Smith Way
5/2/14 - 11:05 pm Gunfire on Dorchester street Gunfire Whitfield St. and West Tremlett St.
5/1/14 - 11:10 pm Police investigate possible Savin Hill gunfire Gunfire Tuttle St.
5/1/14 - 12:15 pm Fight ends in stabbing near Codman Square Stabbing 19 Wentworth St.
4/28/14 - 6:20 pm Police: Man brought a rifle to a fistfight, but officers arrived before he could use it Illegal gun possession 13 Columbia Rd.
4/28/14 - 4:55 pm Man stabbed in Fields Corner Stabbing 500 Geneva Ave.
4/28/14 - 2:20 am Two stabbed near Edward Everett Square Stabbing 1269 Massachusetts Ave.
4/24/14 - 12:30 pm Bullet fired into Grove Hall house Gunfire Lawrence Ave. and Normandy St.
4/13/14 - 4:35 pm Fields Corner fight leaves two stabbed Stabbing 1445 Dorchester Ave.
4/12/14 - 1:30 am Woman stabbed in Dorchester fight Stabbing 38 Julian St.
4/8/14 - 3:55 am Dead body in burning car
4/6/14 - 7:26 pm Police: Fields Corner good Samaritan pursued teen muggers until they shot at him Armed robbery 23 Charles St.
4/4/14 - 9:00 pm Bloody day along the Red Line: Gunfire and a stabbing at Ashmont station Stabbing Bailey St. and Dorchester Ave.
4/4/14 - 3:30 pm Shooting at the Fields Corner T stop Shooting Fields Corner Station
3/28/14 - 5:05 pm Man shot in the leg in Dorchester Shooting Clarkson St. and Quincy St.
3/28/14 - 4:15 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire Fennelon St. and Merrill St.
3/24/14 - 3:15 pm Man carjacked at gunpoint in Dorchester Carjacking 10 Harlow St.
3/15/14 - 8:25 pm Man stabbed in the back in Dorchester Stabbing Bakersfield St. and Stoughton St.
3/7/14 - 7:10 pm Police seize five more guns, arrest five, including yet another Roslindale resident Illegal gun possession 47 Topliff St.
3/6/14 - 9:20 pm Geneva Avenue market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 385 Geneva Ave.
3/4/14 - 3:00 pm DA: Loaded gun found by hotel housekeeper leads to Dorchester man's arrest Illegal gun possession 69 Boston St.
3/3/14 - 11:10 am DA: Dorchester man keeps getting arrested on illegal-weapons charges Illegal gun possession Castlegate Rd.
3/2/14 - 1:35 pm At least two people bring loaded guns to Dorchester party; police step in before they can use them Illegal gun possession 211 Geneva Ave.
3/1/14 - 5:29 am Man stabbed to death in Dorchester Murder 744 Washington St.
3/1/14 - 2:36 am Fight outside Columbia Point hotel leaves one dead, one in the hospital Murder 200 Mt. Vernon St.
2/26/14 - 8:33 pm Person beaten, kicked during unsuccessful phone robbery in Dorchester Unarmed robbery Talbot Ave. and Kerwin St.
2/24/14 - 6:52 pm Roslindale man charged with pointing loaded gun at cops during Ashmont foot chase Illegal gun possession 525 Talbot Ave.
2/23/14 - 12:50 am Man fatally shot near South Bay Murder Boston St. and Howell St.
2/21/14 - 11:05 pm Man stabbed in Fields Corner phone grab Stabbing Dorchester Ave. and Adams St.
2/20/14 - 11:35 pm Man shot to death in Mattapan Murder 196 Itasca St.
2/18/14 - 9:50 am Police: Casanova strikes out with woman on bus, so he attacks bus driver instead Assault and battery Blue Hill Ave. and Columbia Rd.
2/16/14 - 12:15 pm Four arrested in another Dorchester drug raid Illegal drug possession 161 Devon St.
2/14/14 - 10:30 am Police: Dorchester raid yields machetes, rifle, bullet-proof vests, Molly and testosterone Illegal gun possession 11 Treadway Rd.
2/12/14 - 9:40 pm Dorchester pizza-delivery guy robbed of phone, cash, car and pizza Armed robbery 145 Intervale St.