Dorchester crime

Incidents over the past two years, from BPD, media and scanner reports.

Date Type Street
7/29/16 - 4:30 am Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Trull St. and Ware St.
7/26/16 - 10:58 pm Man stabbed in the leg in Fields Corner Stabbing 274 Adams St.
7/25/16 - 11:18 pm Two shot in Dorchester Shooting 20 Stonehurst St.
7/23/16 - 1:10 am Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 41 Payson Ave.
7/22/16 - 9:55 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 156 Fuller St.
7/21/16 - 10:40 pm Person shot in Dorchester Shooting Thetford Ave. and Evans St.
7/21/16 - 9:05 pm Man tased in Dorchester robbery; three arrested Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon 42 Robinson St.
7/11/16 - 11:00 pm Person shot on Monadnock Street in Dorchester Shooting Monadnock St.
7/9/16 - 12:05 am Person shot on Hansborough Street Shooting Hansborough St.
7/7/16 - 11:36 pm Two shot, one dead in Dorchester Murder 68 Hancock St.
7/3/16 - 8:05 pm Several cars shot up in Dorchester Gunfire Hildreth St. and Wildwood St.
7/2/16 - 10:15 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Clifton St. and E. Cottage St.
6/30/16 - 6:45 pm Two arrested for gun and drug possession in Dorchester playground; third arrested on warrants Illegal gun possession 56 Dunbar Ave.
6/29/16 - 7:45 pm Police: Lynn teen on a stolen bike used loaded gun to threaten people in Uphams Corner Illegal gun possession 590 Dudley St.
6/29/16 - 3:00 pm Man hunted for Dorchester bank robbery Bank robbery 585 Columbia Rd.
6/28/16 - 3:24 pm Gunfire leads to arrests in Dorchester - after suspects' SUV crashes Gunfire Hancock St. and Upham Ave.
6/22/16 - 11:00 pm While searching for dirt bikers who may have smashed cop's car window, officers find armed-robbery victim Armed robbery Dudley St. and W. Cottage St.
6/21/16 - 9:30 pm Woman shot in Dorchester Shooting 586 Park St.
6/21/16 - 2:45 pm Randolph man arrested for illegal gun possession in Dorchester Illegal gun possession 31 Baird St.
6/19/16 - 12:30 am Person shot in Dorchester Shooting Ellington St. and Greenwood St.
6/8/16 - 1:30 pm Four shot outside Burke High School, one dead Murder 46 Washington St.
6/4/16 - 11:20 pm Man shot to death on York Street in Dorchester Murder 8 York St.
6/3/16 - 11:30 pm Woman shot in Franklin Hill home Shooting 34 Franklin Hill Ave.
6/1/16 - 6:15 am Two women groped in Dorchester this morning Indecent assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Richfield St.
5/29/16 - 10:25 pm Man shot to death in Dorchester Murder 131 Devon St.
5/22/16 - 6:45 am Two stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Johnson Terrace
5/20/16 - 7:00 am Police came for the gun and ammo, stayed for the dirt bikes Illegal gun possession 7 Speedwell St.
5/19/16 - 9:15 pm Another person shot in Codman Square, this time fatally Murder 87 Southern Ave.
5/15/16 - 11:15 pm Woman shot in the arm near Codman Square Shooting 3 Walton St.
5/14/16 - 8:20 pm Person shot in arm at Columbia and Quincy, Dorchester Shooting 387 Columbia Rd.
5/13/16 - 6:40 pm Woman leaving church grazed by bullet in Codman Square Shooting 651 Washington St.
5/12/16 - 10:20 pm Shots fired in Codman Square Gunfire 310 Talbot Ave.
5/11/16 - 6:30 pm Dorchester foot chase involving man with gun ends with officers using pepper spray to disperse crowd Illegal gun possession 14 Ronan St.
5/10/16 - 9:20 pm Two charged with armed robbery of Codman Square market Armed robbery 542 Washington St.
5/7/16 - 2:00 am Dorchester stabbing may have been revenge for rape several years earlier Stabbing 70 Talbot Ave.
5/7/16 - 12:25 am Gunfire at East Cottage and Leyland streets Gunfire E. Cottage St. and Leyland St.
5/6/16 - 11:55 pm Several shots fired into car off Morton Street in Dorchester Gunfire Wildwood St. and Middleton St.
5/5/16 - 7:20 am Woman stabbed in Blue Hill Avenue apartment building Stabbing 484 Blue Hill Ave.
5/3/16 - 9:50 pm Two shot in Ashmont Shooting Bailey St. and Dorchester Ave.
5/1/16 - 10:55 pm Three masked men with guns burst into apartment just up street from C-11 police station Armed home invasion 10 Gibson St.
5/1/16 - 2:20 pm Person shot in Uphams Corner Shooting 726 Dudley St.
4/30/16 - 11:30 am Police charge Blue Hill Avenue market was selling more than just milk and bread Illegal drug possession 734 Blue Hill Ave.
4/20/16 - 11:00 am Woman, teen charged with armed home invasion in Dorchester Armed home invasion Trescott St.
4/17/16 - 11:30 am Dorchester man who keeps getting arrested on gun charges gets arrested on gun charges Illegal gun possession 6 Castlegate Rd.
4/17/16 - 3:00 am Quincy man dies while trying to break up fight in front of Dorchester tavern Murder 780 Adams St.
4/14/16 - 3:36 pm Three arrested after gunfire on Ashmont Street Illegal gun possession 11 Ashmont St.
4/9/16 - 10:45 am Blue Hill Avenue market held up at gunpoint Armed robbery 696 Blue Hill Ave.
4/5/16 - 8:30 am Dorchester driver charged with hitting three cars, knocking down woman and running over her foot Leaving the scene of a personal-injury accident Ellington St. and Blue Hill Ave.
4/1/16 - 11:25 am Man robs Grove Hall bank, but may not have gotten far - suspect grabbed after short foot chase Bank robbery 648 Warren St.
3/31/16 - 5:30 pm DA: Serial drug dealer arrested because somebody thought it odd a guy would be climbing scaffolding while holding a gun Illegal gun possession 692 Columbia Rd.
3/26/16 - 12:30 am Man attacks woman at Ashmont and Florida streets in Dorchester Indecent assault and battery Ashmont St. and Florida St.
3/24/16 - 1:00 pm Man in car shot in hand Shooting 121 Devon St.
3/17/16 - 5:25 pm Man shot, car hit in hail of gunfire on Blue Hill Avenue near Floyd Street Shooting 998 Blue Hill Ave.
3/11/16 - 4:45 pm Multiple shots fired on a Dorchester street Gunfire Trull St. and Glen St.
3/3/16 - 1:45 am Man who had a murder charge dismissed is arrested on gun charges Illegal gun possession 68 Norfolk St.
3/1/16 - 3:15 pm Dorchester teens face major time for attacking mailman Assault and battery Cushing Ave. and Windermere Rd.
2/22/16 - 11:00 pm Man stabbed in the arm in Dorchester Stabbing 41 Kingsdale St.
2/21/16 - 4:37 pm Teen stabbed to death in Dorchester Murder 203 Columbia Rd.
2/20/16 - 8:00 pm A metal detector might have come in handy at a Dorchester get-together Illegal gun possession 8 Theodore St.
2/20/16 - 11:50 am Two face charges for loaded gun found in baby seat in Dorchester Illegal gun possession 193 Norfolk St.
2/20/16 - 3:30 am Person shot in the chest in Dorchester Shooting Wales St. and Kingsdale St.
2/18/16 - 12:11 am Police: Dorchester 15-year-old packing three guns fires on group of people, misses Illegal gun possession 30 Bailey St.
2/12/16 - 10:30 am Police: Gun battle inside Dorchester home followed by confrontation with police; one dead, two injured Shooting 107 Devon St.
2/10/16 - 6:00 pm Dorchester market robbed at gunpoint; suspects arrested after standoff at nearby apartment Armed robbery Savin Hill Ave. and Pleasant St.
2/5/16 - 1:00 am Man stabbed on Vassar Street in Dorchester Stabbing Vassar St.
2/4/16 - 10:45 pm Fields Corner battle leaves man stabbed, two others shot Shooting 500 Geneva Ave.
1/30/16 - 12:15 am Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 29 Armandine St.
1/27/16 - 1:40 am Man shot and killed in Dorchester Murder Washington St. and Dunbar Ave.
1/25/16 - 2:40 pm Person shot in the stomach in argument over Dorchester parking space Shooting 69 Nightingale St.
1/19/16 - 10:35 am Back in the day, kids used lanyards for keys or IDs Illegal gun possession 14 Quincy St.
1/8/16 - 10:05 pm Police: Woman tearfully said purse with gun in her lap wasn't hers but made no similar claim about gun in her underwear Illegal gun possession 43 Oldfields Rd.
1/8/16 - 9:30 pm Man stabbed repeatedly in Dorchester Stabbing 12 York St.
1/8/16 - 10:25 am Boston police officer shot in the leg in Dorchester Shooting 33 Mt. Bowdoin Terrace
1/7/16 - 11:10 am Gunfire racks Codman Square intersection Gunfire Kenwood St. and Washington St.
1/6/16 - 3:00 pm Dorchester man charged with holding up Lower Mills bank Bank robbery 2250 Dorchester Ave.
1/3/16 - 7:40 pm Dorchester market robbed at gunpoint Armed robbery 760 Washington St.
1/1/16 - 6:45 am Woman sexually attacked at knifepoint in Dorchester Sexual attack Annabel St. and Columbia Rd.
1/1/16 - 5:30 am Woman shot in Dorchester Shooting Norfolk St. and Talbot Ave.
12/30/15 - 10:05 pm Person shot in the leg in Dorchester Shooting Gleason St.
12/30/15 - 7:05 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint in Dorchester Armed robbery Sawyer Ave. and Pleasant St.
12/30/15 - 1:40 pm Three arrested for armed holdup in Dorchester after brief high-speed chase up Morrissey Boulevard Armed robbery Bay St.
12/26/15 - 9:10 pm Armed home invasion in Dorchester Armed home invasion 193 Norfolk St.
12/26/15 - 9:00 pm Gunfire leaves house, two cars with bullet holes in Dorchester Gunfire 21 Ellington St.
12/26/15 - 7:25 pm Teen shot in Dorchester Shooting Stratton St.
12/21/15 - 9:00 am DA: Men arrested over weekend on gun charges beat another man in court lockup this morning Assault and battery 510 Washington St.
12/20/15 - 1:30 pm Man robbed at gunpoint in Fields Corner parking lot Armed robbery 1440 Dorchester Ave.
12/19/15 - 12:15 pm Police: Two guys with a gun get into cab; officers follow until the driver commits a traffic violation, then pull the cab over Illegal gun possession 150 Norwell St.
12/18/15 - 10:32 am Fields Corner bank robber strikes again Bank robbery 217 Adams St.
12/16/15 - 3:00 pm Woman sought for bank robberies in Fields Corner and downtown Bank robbery 1442 Dorchester Ave.
12/14/15 - 1:37 pm Man sought for Fields Corner bank robbery Bank robbery 1440 Dorchester Ave.
12/11/15 - 2:15 pm Mid-day gunfire in Dorchester Gunfire Wilmington Ave. and Nevada St.
12/9/15 - 8:22 pm Man sitting in car shot to death in Dorchester Murder 120 Southern Ave.
12/8/15 - 12:30 am Man stabbed to death in Dorchester Murder 5 Nightingale St.
12/5/15 - 11:00 pm Person shot in Dorchester Shooting 3 Elm St.
12/2/15 - 11:30 am Police: Foreigner just loves that dirty water - and drugs and guns Illegal gun possession 276 Adams St.
11/29/15 - 12:52 am Police: Loud party in Dorchester ends with cops ordering everybody to the ground after gun discovered Illegal gun possession 42 Norton St.
11/27/15 - 2:10 am Early morning gunfire in Dorchester Gunfire Harvard St. and Algonquin St.
11/21/15 - 1:10 am East Boston man says he has good alibi for Dorchester gun charges: He's blind Illegal gun possession Columbia Rd. and Washington St.
11/16/15 - 12:40 pm Dorchester teacher robbed at knifepoint outside her school Armed robbery Columbia Rd. and Intervale St.
11/12/15 - 6:00 am DA: Dorchester man who has pursued life of violent crime gets arrested again Illegal gun possession 15 Abbott St.
11/9/15 - 1:15 pm Gallivan Boulevard bank held up for second time in less than a month Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd.
11/6/15 - 6:00 am Police: Sunrise predator going after women near the Savin Hill T stop Indecent assault and battery 130 Auckland St.
11/3/15 - 12:15 am Man shot to death in Dorchester Murder 15 Shepton St.
11/2/15 - 3:15 am Police: Teen with loaded gun gets into argument with man in Fields Corner; officers intervene before he can use it Illegal gun possession Dorchester Ave. and Faulkner St.
11/1/15 - 5:40 pm Shots fired near Edward Everett Square Gunfire 14 Elder St.
11/1/15 - 4:30 pm Person shot near Franklin Field Shooting 20 Stratton St.
10/26/15 - 10:00 pm Two tossed in lockup on charges they robbed a man of his salad at gunpoint outside Savin Hill T stop Armed robbery 121 Savin Hill Ave.
10/23/15 - 12:01 pm Hoodie-wearing robber strikes another Boston bank Bank robbery 780 Gallivan Blvd.
10/22/15 - 9:15 pm Three stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing 95 Bloomfield St.
10/22/15 - 10:40 am Police: Teen tried to sneak loaded gun into Dorchester school Illegal weapons possession 9 Peacevale Rd.
10/15/15 - 10:10 pm Gunfire a couple blocks from B3 police station Gunfire 12 Havelock St.
10/13/15 - 10:00 pm Person stabbed in Ashmont station Stabbing 1900 Dorchester Ave.
10/9/15 - 10:00 pm Car shot up in Codman Square Gunfire 37 W. Tremlett St.
10/5/15 - 2:40 am Man stabbed in chest in Dorchester robbery Stabbing Harvard St. and Paxton St.
10/2/15 - 6:10 pm Man shot in the back at Franklin Field Shooting 5 Ames Way
9/28/15 - 12:30 pm DA: Dorchester teen charged with gun possession has bail reduced, gets out, promptly gets arrested on new gun charge Illegal gun possession 8 Rozella St.
9/28/15 - 4:55 am Early morning shooting on Columbia Road sends one to the hospital Shooting 450 Columbia Rd.
9/27/15 - 11:00 pm Woman robbed, raped at knifepoint in Dorchester Rape Dorchester Ave. and Harbor View St.
9/23/15 - 8:40 pm Man shot to death on Intervale Street Murder 96 Intervale St.
9/21/15 - 4:20 pm Police hunt man they say threatened bus driver with a screwdriver Assault with a dangerous weapon Blue Hill Ave. and Pasadena Rd.
9/9/15 - 9:45 pm Two arrested for string of armed robberies from Mattapan to Brookline Armed robbery 547 Washington St.
9/6/15 - 10:25 pm Three armed robberies in Fields Corner today may be linked Armed robbery 1580 Dorchester Ave.
9/5/15 - 3:00 am Groper on the loose in Dorchester, South Boston Indecent assault and battery Boston St. and Mayhew St.
9/3/15 - 10:45 pm Dorchester street sprayed with gunfire Gunfire 103 Intervale St.
9/3/15 - 2:15 pm Shots fired in Uphams Corner Gunfire 600 Dudley St.
8/30/15 - 8:10 pm Gunfire outside Dorchester park Gunfire 39 Belden St.
8/29/15 - 4:15 am Judge orders curfew, GPS for Roslindale woman on gun charges after questioning what she was doing in Franklin Field Illegal gun possession 70 Ames St.
8/29/15 - 2:40 am Three shot, one dead on Creston Street, Dorchester Murder 29 Creston St.
8/24/15 - 9:55 pm Man shot in the arm in Dorchester Shooting Hamilton St. and Stonehurst St.
8/23/15 - 11:40 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 53 Stockton St.
8/21/15 - 11:20 pm Two Blue Hill Avenue convenience stores robbed at gunpoint in 24 hours Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave.
8/19/15 - 12:30 am South Boston brothers charged with beating, urinating on homeless man outside JFK T stop Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon JFK/UMass Station
8/17/15 - 11:59 pm Gunfire erupts in Uphams Corner Gunfire Groom St. and Humphreys St.
8/15/15 - 3:26 am Bullets, bowling balls flew when gang beef flared at Dorchester lanes Assault and battery 820 Morrissey Blvd.
8/14/15 - 9:45 pm Gunfire in Dorchester leaves one with a graze wound Shooting Olney St. and Everton St.
8/13/15 - 11:45 pm Two shot in Dorchester parking lot Shooting Hancock St. and Trull St.
8/13/15 - 4:35 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 43 Norton St.
8/10/15 - 11:55 pm Woman robbed at gunpoint near mayor's old house Armed robbery Savin Hill Ave. and Tuttle St.
8/8/15 - 4:40 pm Police: Man faces gun, drug charges after driving by a traffic cop while smoking pot Illegal gun possession Dudley St. and Howard St.
8/7/15 - 2:48 am Cabbie tased, carjacked on Expressway; suspects crash cab in Mattapan Carjacking I-93
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery Mariposa St. and Sefton St.
7/30/15 - 9:00 pm Three robbed by men with a shotgun in Dorchester, Mattapan Armed robbery 911 Blue Hill Ave.
7/29/15 - 7:10 pm Man stabbed with broken bottle in fight Stabbing Harvard St. and Franklin Hill Ave.
7/24/15 - 2:47 pm Dorchester traffic stop ends with teen arrested for possession of a loaded gun, police say Illegal gun possession Roseland St and Santuit St.
7/22/15 - 6:55 pm Woman shot near Morton Street Shooting 29 Wildwood St.
7/20/15 - 10:25 pm Shots fired near Columbia Road Gunfire 9 Powellton Rd.
7/20/15 - 10:15 pm Shots fired on Intervale Street Gunfire 89 Intervale St.
7/17/15 - 11:55 pm Two shot in Dorchester Shooting Harvard St. and Gleason St.
7/15/15 - 11:10 pm Man attacked, robbed elderly woman at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery 121 Savin Hill Ave.
7/14/15 - 10:20 pm Gunfire exchange between suspects and police in Dorchester Gunfire Bowdoin Ave. and Nottingham St.
7/12/15 - 11:50 pm Two shot in Dorchester Shooting 67 Washington St.
7/11/15 - 5:55 pm Man shot to death in Ashmont Murder 88 Bailey St.
7/7/15 - 3:00 am Woman with shamrock tattoo sought for Dorchester bank robbery Bank robbery 585 Columbia Rd.
7/1/15 - 8:50 pm Somebody stabbed on Seaver Street Stabbing 331 Seaver St.
6/29/15 - 10:05 pm Shots fired in Dorchester Gunfire 37 Kerwin St.
6/26/15 - 8:00 am Mother's boyfriend charged with Bella's murder Murder Maxwell St.
6/21/15 - 11:25 pm Shots fired on Maxwell Street in Dorchester Gunfire 18 Maxwell St.
6/21/15 - 12:05 am Dorchester party ends in gunfire; one car hit Gunfire 89 Westville St.
6/20/15 - 4:20 pm One shot in Uphams Corner Shooting Dudley St. and Nonquit St.
6/16/15 - 8:45 pm Three shot in Dorchester Shooting 64 Lawrence Ave.
6/16/15 - 1:10 pm As cops are in a Dorchester apartment seizing a gun and drugs, they hear a knock at the door Illegal gun possession 29 Cunningham St.
6/13/15 - 12:30 am Person shot in Dorchester Shooting 28 York St.
6/10/15 - 8:05 pm Teen shot in the head on Fuller Street in Dorchester Murder 128 Fuller St.
6/10/15 - 5:20 pm Car shot in Dorchester; occupants not injured Gunfire Milton Avenue and Armandine St.
6/2/15 - 5:30 pm Teen stabbed on Jones Hill in Dorchester Stabbing 150 Hancock St.
5/26/15 - 1:30 pm Somebody shot on Lyndhurst Street in Dorchester Shooting 38 Lyndhurst St.
5/24/15 - 4:15 pm Little kid shot while riding his bike in Dorchester Shooting Bowdoin St, and Quincy St.
5/21/15 - 4:55 pm Person shot at Ellington and Erie in Dorchester Shooting Ellington St. and Erie St.
5/19/15 - 1:55 am Somebody stabbed in the head at Dacia and Dewey streets Stabbing Dacia St. and Dewey St.
5/18/15 - 10:20 pm Woman attacked, mugged at Savin Hill T stop Assault and battery Sydney St. and Savin Hill Ave.
5/13/15 - 3:00 pm Police: Man operating a Home Depot cart under the influence pulls a knife Assault with a dangerous weapon 5 Allstate Rd.
5/13/15 - 9:30 am Police: Officers arrest man running away from them with a loaded gun without firing a shot Illegal gun possession 96 Harvard St.
5/8/15 - 11:45 pm Man in car shot in the chest on Dorchester street Shooting 12 McLellan St.
5/3/15 - 8:05 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting 139 Washington St.
5/3/15 - 7:45 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Hancock St. and Trull St.
5/1/15 - 1:25 am Police: Drug dealer in pajama pants sticks up man at Dorchester ATM Armed robbery 572 Columbia Rd.
4/23/15 - 2:30 pm Police: Springfield crack dealer picks up where he left off in Boston, gets arrested Illegal drug possession 44 Arbutus St.
4/22/15 - 6:00 pm Three in custody after gunfire and chase down Blue Hill Avenue and Babson Street Gunfire 8 Johnston Rd.
4/21/15 - 7:05 pm Man stabbed, bicycle stolen outside Dorchester convenience store Stabbing 187 E. Cottage St.
4/17/15 - 6:25 pm Man stabbed in Dorchester Stabbing Harvard St. and Gleaon St.
4/12/15 - 9:50 pm Man shot in Dorchester Shooting Norton St. and Bowdoin St.
4/8/15 - 8:20 pm Man shot in Dorchester last month has died Murder 50 Richfield St.
4/6/15 - 9:20 pm Person shot in the leg at Dacia and Quincy streets in Dorchester Shooting 15 Dacia St.
4/4/15 - 12:05 am Man stabbed in the arm in Dorchester Stabbing Evans St. and Dyer St.
4/2/15 - 6:08 pm Cars shot in Dorchester Gunfire 15 Cunningham St.
4/1/15 - 5:30 pm Spitty in the city: Woman sought for attacking T bus driver with saliva, blunt object Assault and battery Columbia Rd. and Annabel St.
3/31/15 - 1:10 pm Two Dorchester schools put in safe mode as police hunt man with gun Illegal gun possession Normandy St. and Intervale St.
3/31/15 - 11:45 am Man found shot to death in building on fire Murder 332 Harvard St.
3/28/15 - 8:40 pm Woman shot while sitting in Dorchester apartment holding her baby Shooting Senator Bolling Cir
3/22/15 - 12:02 pm Teen charged with two armed robberies of Blue Hill Avenue convenience store Armed robbery 646 Blue Hill Ave.
3/21/15 - 1:10 am Police: Hapless gunman slips and falls twice during chase, gets arrested Illegal gun possession Woodrow Ave. and Ballou Ave.
3/19/15 - 5:40 pm Police: Teen in a ski mask was packing a loaded gun Illegal gun possession Glenway St. and Bradshaw St.
3/19/15 - 12:50 pm Police say Four Corners raid yields drugs, assault rifle, money Illegal drug possession 14 Rosseter St.
3/12/15 - 12:20 am Man shot in Dorchester drive-by Shooting Barry St. and Quincy St.
3/11/15 - 9:54 pm Third food-delivery driver robbed at Codman Square house, but this time they only took his food Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd.
3/9/15 - 10:40 pm Police say food deliverers would do well to avoid 25 Regina Rd. in Dorchester Armed robbery 25 Regina Rd.
3/1/15 - 10:30 pm Person shot in lower abdomen in Dorchester Shooting 38 Wales St.
2/27/15 - 9:00 am Police: Raids, arrests in Dorchester, Mattapan bust up citywide drug ring Illegal drug possession 108 Greenfield Rd.
2/27/15 - 12:30 am Confrontation with police in Dorchester ends with man shot, officer stabbed Shooting Howe Terrace
2/26/15 - 12:53 pm Police: Alert customer leads them to Dorchester bank robber Bank robbery 494 Gallivan Blvd.