By - 6/13/11 - 5:11 pm

Via PC World, which notes:

Mario is currently working with other students and professors to program PR2 so it can wipe down the table and put the baking sheet in the oven.

By - 5/15/11 - 12:08 pm

Tinker Ready notes some MIT facts left out of today's Globe circular on MIT's 150th anniversary.

By - 5/8/11 - 7:59 am

Spectral barge

Nathanael Hevelone attended SkyArt, part of MIT's 150th anniversary celebrations, on Saturday. Historygradguy was also there.


More SkyArt photos.

Copyright Nathanael Hevelone and Historygradguy, respectively. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.

By - 4/8/11 - 10:41 am

This morning, Jeannie Vincent reported a traffic jam on Storrow Drive that suddenly ended around Fenway with no evidence of an accident.

If she'd been across the river on Mem. Drive, she could have stopped into the MIT mathematics department, where some researchers spent a fair amount of time studying these phantom traffic jams - and the way they're caused by waves they've dubbed jamitons:

By - 3/29/11 - 7:10 am

The Tech reports a hapless laptop thief got only bruises for his efforts yesterday afternoon:

Wesley D. Graybill said that he saw the suspect making a dash for the exit, jumped in front of him, and slammed him into the wall. The suspect slipped by, but Graybill chased him down and was able to pull him to the ground. The researcher caught up and held down the suspect until the Campus Police arrived.

By - 3/1/11 - 7:01 am

The Tech reports a man who may have fallen two stories inside an atrium at the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Complex was taken to Mass. General with "a major head injury."

By - 12/24/10 - 11:49 am

MIT charges a Littleton startup failed to pay licensing fees for three of its patents, so now it wants a judge to order the company to stop using them - and pay the fees.

It's MIT's second suit this month against Still River Systems. Last week, MIT sued Still River to force it to add an MIT researcher to a patent used for the company's single-room synchrocyclotron, which can be used to target an intense beam of radiation at certain types of tumors.

By - 12/23/10 - 9:50 am

So the city better be snappy with those permissions, Cambridge Day reports:

“We want to create this space as quickly as possible,” Owu said.

By - 12/18/10 - 12:26 pm

MIT is demanding a Littleton company add a professor to a patent for a particle-beam generator used for treating certain cancers.

By - 12/10/10 - 11:17 am

The Tech reports on MIT plans for the area around its campus, starting with construction of a new $100-million, five-story R&D facility at 298 Mass.

By - 11/10/10 - 7:45 am

The two Cambridge institutions charge Cotendo, of Sunnyvale, CA, is violating patents they hold for speeding up delivery of content over the Internet.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Akamai and MIT focus on one patent owned by MIT and licensed to Akamai and two patents owned by Akamai, which also claims that

Cotendo has utilized product descriptions and designations developed and used by Akamai in the marketplace for years, such as “Dynamic Site Acceleration” ('DSA'), in an attempt to sell services that embody Akamai's inventions.

By - 11/4/10 - 6:50 am

The Huntington News reports on a case of vomiting in a can:

The student said she had been drinking vodka and Four Loko at a party at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She was taken to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center by ambulance ...

About 90 minutes later, another student was spotted stumbling into a dorm and, when quetioned by EMTs summoned by an RA, admitted she'd been drinking Four Loko as well.

By - 10/29/10 - 7:20 am

Ken Reeves tucks it to MIT, specifically, the guy in charge of development of MIT property in Kendall Square, in an op-ed piece in the MIT student paper.

By - 10/1/10 - 7:16 am

The Tech reports on the annual Ig Nobel awards in Cambridge. Winners got $10 trillion - in Zimbabwean currency.

By - 9/17/10 - 7:16 am

They're getting boxes like nobody's business; harried campus-mail workers struggling to keep up.

Ed question: Hmm, wonder if any of them are being misdirected to Allston?

By - 8/30/10 - 4:07 pm


Melanie McCue reports the MIT TARDIS appeared on top of the Great Dome today. It was last spotted near the little dome last week.

By - 8/25/10 - 8:11 pm


Melanie McCue noticed the Doctor dropped in on MIT today.

By - 8/4/10 - 8:40 am

The Tech reports on the quiet end to the suit by two volunteers cleaning up the Charles who received some nasty burns when they dragged up a block of sodium that then exploded in 2007 (three other volunteers were also burned). Dropping sodium blocks in the Charles had been a big fave among MIT students who like watching things explode.

By - 6/30/10 - 7:20 pm

Ooh, so she posed for a Polaroid to help shill for what's left of the company and MIT's giant collection of Polaroidiana. Whup.

Has she ever urged her listeners to shake it, shake it like a Polaroid picture?

Didn't think so.

By - 5/4/10 - 12:50 pm

Boston Peeps:

I'm writing to invite you to the Ford Hall Forum for a talk titled "The Emerging Fifth Estate - Can the likes of Twitter, YouTube, and other social networks help solve real government problems?"

The talk is this Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 pm at the Main Function Room, Suffolk University Law School. Admission is Free.