When bloggers collide

Is this town big enough for two food bloggers named Tammy? And how come the Globe couldn't figure out the difference?

Everybody, say hello to, oh, Tammy A., who writes Food on the Food. Now say hello to, oh, Tammy B, who writes Boston Food and Whine. There, that was simple!

But not for the Globe. When the Globe City Weekly section wrote about ParkwayBoston.com a couple weeks back, they decided to use this Universal Hub comment from Tammy B. But, of course, they wanted to use her last name. Rather than simply following the link on that comment to Tammy B. and asking her, they somehow dug deep and found Tammy A. - and more important, her last name, and so attributed Tammy B.'s quote to her.

That caused a bad scene, of course, but now the two Tammies have been introduced, online at least, the Globe correspondent is very apologetic and Tammy A. has promised her dad she'll stop talking about stripping so much.

But, gang? Let's just keep it between us that Boston has two blogging Jim Sullivans, shall we?



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    Please no

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    Please tell me that the two Jims are not discussing stripping.

    Furniture ... stripping furniture!

    That's it ... the best way to remove grimy polyurethane from their favorite bar stools.

    Whew! Much better mental picture, that.

    We wouldn't want to sully their reputations, now.

    Let Me Get This Straight

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    Now there's a headline that can lead to all sorts of hideous punning ribaldry.

    However, am I to understand that there are some here who think that Jim and I would be uninteresting and/or blindness-inducing if we starred in The Full Monty?

    [looks down at his crotch, sheds a manly tear, and continues with monologue...]

    Suldog: It's alright, Little Jimmy. They didn't mean anything personal. They've never even met you.


    The worst (funniest) part of all...

    Is that I SAW that comment in the Globe... and two different people thought it was me. But I was like "NO, that's the OTHER Tammy"... b/c I had no memory whatsoever of leaving that comment on U.H! I'm a dumbass...

    In any case... Tammy A. and I are gonna fight now (haven't decided the medium) to see who has to change her name. I don't reallly like my name a whole lot anyway... so I'm open to suggestions. Oh... and I'm really "Tammy S.C." (not Tammy B.).

    So ...

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    His name isn't Tammy?

    Sorry, off my list. :-).


    I could always change my name to Tammy if you wanted! Of course, I'd have to buy a whole new wardrobe.


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    But monkey suits are good for both gender... Don't tell me you don't walk around in a monkey costume all the time!

    Ah hah!

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    That's true, you merely told your dad you wouldn't want to tarnish his good name with your stripping.

    Therefore, one concludes you're going to throw the match with The Other Tammy and change your name so you can continue to strip. Shame on you!