Rare footage of salmon returning to spawn at the Garden

Martinsdad watched her after last night's Bruins' game:



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My guess is she probably

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My guess is she probably missed her tri-weekly gym workout and instead went to the Bruins game. Coming down off her drunkenness, she felt guilty about it and decided something had to be done to rectify the situation. She was going to jog home, but in all honesty, she's more of a stair-stepper than a treadmill gal.

Props to her for committing, though. A real go-getter.


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19th century felons were forced to march up stairs whilst people descended from cricket matches or bear baiting or whatever it is they did back then in Londontown? :-).

Umm, there are stairs

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Right around that corner. Stairs. They don't move against you. I have season tickets and get to watch idiots like this every game. Drunkenfraude.


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wow that is my new favorite word.


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Does the escalator get you to somewhere the stairs don't, such as the other side of a turnstile or ticket/security check?


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i needed this laugh

I needed a good laugh and had to watch this again. The subject caption, the video, the musical accompaniment, and the comments. I'm cracking up.


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Benny Hill meets Blonde on Escalator

Unfortunately, the "speed up this video" button isn't working for some reason. Not sure what's up with that, but that'd make it even funnier. (Don't forget to check it out as an epic or tragedy film too with the links at the bottom)