Flying around olde Boston

Interesting to see how much has changed - and hasn't - since the 1920s:




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    Nice film

    You will be tested on it.

    Was this film dated most by:

    A) Technical quality
    B) Automobiles
    C) Everyone on street wearing suits and hats
    D) The proud, optimistic, industrious spirit
    E) Harvard's endowment being "over 100 million dollars"

    F and G...

    F) The now-ironic "contrast" between the colonial-era Old State House and the modern, slender Customs House "skyscraper"

    G) The narrator's accent, somewhere between WWII-era radio announcer, Bostonian, and Kermit the Frog, which reveals the film's true surprise:

    This narrator was the historical basis for Art Carney's Ed Norton.

    Oh, Chef of the Future, can it core a apple?

    Old State House

    Somebody please help me out.

    When I first saw the Old State House in the 1970's, there was no lion and unicorn. In recent years, the lion and unicorn were restored. At that time, I read somewhere that those two beasts were torn down by angry colonists and were not restored until that recent restoration. Based on this short movie, I was obviously misinformed. Can anybody tell me where I went astray, on this matter only? Thanks.