For once, Boston cab drivers were right

Sometimes, Boston's cab drivers are telling the truth; the credit card machines don't work - and it's not their fault.

According to (Boston's own) Charles Pierce of Esquire, the Romney for President campaign shut off staffers' credit cards in the middle of the night on Tuesday, leaving the Boston crew scrambling for money.

From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his campaign quickly began to disassemble itself. Aides taking cabs home late that night got rude awakenings when they found the credit cards linked to the campaign no longer worked.

Oh, well, need to save that money for 2016, right?



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Talk about a kick in the ass! Mitt Romney has no couth.

Can you imagine how ole Mitch felt

looking out the window of his condo Wednesday morning and only seeing a Belmont detail cop instead of the black Suburbans that have been there for months?

A cop that I'm told was there to keep the media away. Except there hasn't been any. Ouch.

The condo he got because he

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The condo he got because he downsized his real estate holdings because McCain got bit by that in 2008.


That must be a lousy ass feeling. Wonder what his wife thinks of him now...

That's exactly what I'd do.

That's exactly what I'd do. The campaign is over - do you want guys running up bills in restaurants? I don't see why cab fare home should be on the campaign.

Anything else? Did they kill Christian children and drink their blood?

Considering they probably stayed

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Until his speech. And his speech was at about 1:30am. And, I don't know if you're the kind who takes the T, but last trains depart at 12:45am. So, yeah, if you're keeping your employees past the time that public transit closes, you ought to pay for their rides home.


Exactly so - if you make your staff work until it's too late to get public transit home, you damned well pay for their taxis.

There's no one cheaper than Ned Johnson

owner of Fidelity. The guy opened up his own hotel and limo service so he didn't have to tip any more and he at least pays for his employees to take a car home if they are working late.

Gee, I call that smart

Sorry you feel jilted. When you use a service so much that it can survive just on your business, maybe it's smart business sense to do it yourself.

Where did he imply he felt 'jilted'?

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All he said is that even this guy who is wicked 'frugal' is decent enough to pay for his employees' trips home if he keeps them late - unlike Mitt.

To me it read that Dvdoff was ripping our former gov, not this Ned Johnson fellow.

I can picture it

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In the voice of Mr. Burns: "Release the hounds".

I have to wonder...

Will we see Eric Fehrnstrom replace Steve Schmidt as the Republican loser analyst on MSNBC now?

I suspect this UH post is

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I suspect this UH post is inaccurate.

Cab drivers should have said the cards were declined. That's totally not the same thing as the machine being broken.

Now That You've Read This Entry At Charlie's Blog

Mow that you've read this entry at Charlie's blog, you should now make it a habit to go to and read it every day. It contains some of the wittiest and most trenchant commentary in America,. If Citizen Pierce doesn't win a Pulitzer for it, something is definitely awry.

Oh, so that's where the

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Oh, so that's where the decent writing in the magazine went. I was wondering.