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By - 3/14/12 - 9:27 am

The Globe reports (subscription required) Boston has agreed to the settlement in the federal lawsuit by Michael O'Brien over a 2009 incident on Hanover Street, in which O'Brien charged he was left permanently brain injured by the way a Boston cop knocked him to the ground following a minor collision.

The settlement was filed in US District Court nearly a month ago - about... Read more

By - 3/9/12 - 3:54 pm

The Worcester Telegram picks up the cudgel of a Worcester County resident feeling put out by the way Mike's on Hanover Street doesn't display prices for any of its baked goods. Quotes both a state official who says that's just against the law, and a clearly annoyed Mike's manager, who says he had no idea that was a law and that this is the... Read more

By - 3/9/12 - 8:26 am reports on a Boston Conservation Commission hearing at which the commission basically told the owner of a North End marina that if he wants approval for a rehab, he's going to have to give in and allow a cantilevered Harborwalk section over the water. The Commercial Wharf issue's been going on for a decade now and since it's all on the waterfront, the... Read more

By - 3/1/12 - 7:46 am

Megan reports on a recent "progressive dinner" in the North End, in which she and some friends had a five-course meal - with each course in a different restaurant, starting with cocktails at Ristorante Fiore and ending with dessert at Prezza.

By - 2/27/12 - 7:33 am

The City Council holds a hearing today to consider a proposal by councilors Felix Arroyo and Michael Ross for a law to let the city regulate the hours of commercial trash haulers. The session starts at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.

Currently, companies that pick up trash from businesses can operate whenever they feel like it, which the councilors say... Read more

By - 2/17/12 - 9:17 pm


Matthew in Boston happened upon this scene in the North End:

License plate "TOWNIE" parked on a sidewalk.

What can I say? Too perfect, really.

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By - 2/16/12 - 2:36 pm reports on their latest efforts to gain more space for the school.

By - 1/26/12 - 8:10 am reports on a possible building swap involving the North Bennet Street School moving into two now dormant city buildings and give its current buildings to the Eliot School so it could expand.

By - 1/23/12 - 4:49 pm

Mitt Romney's giant shredder truck

Looks like Mitt Romney's campaign has found a new way to keep little kids out of the parking lot of his North End campaign headquarters. A disgusted citizen reports:

Mitt Romney's giant Shredder Truck illegally parked outside his office on

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By - 1/21/12 - 9:26 pm

Mike the Mad Biologist riffs on Bostonography's population density maps and ponders how much of Beacon Hill, the Back Bay and the North End approach Manhattan levels of density without anything approaching Manhattan-style building heights:

Boston has two things going for it that most other cities don't have: narrow streets and sidewalks. Not a lot of space is wasted in residential areas. Sidewalks

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By - 1/19/12 - 8:46 am

The Globe reports (paid subscription required) on the firing of David C. Williams for putting a man in a prohibited choke hold during a North End traffic stop, then lying about it.

This is the second time Boston Police have fired Williams. The first time was after the beating of Michael Cox, an undercover cop whom other cops beat, allegedly because they thought... Read more

By - 1/18/12 - 8:13 am

Somebody pleads with the city to clean up the sticky stinky berries on Morton Street in the North End before the next snow.

Ed. note: Oh, who am I kidding? I just like saying "sticky stinky berries" over and over again. Yes, my middle name is Zippy.... Read more

By - 1/11/12 - 10:36 am reports the restaurant owner has the backing of the neighborhood group in his effort to get a partial alcohol license at his Famous Deli on Cross Street. Whether the Boston Licensing Board has any left to hand out, however, is another matter.

The site also reports a Salem Street barber shop won the council's approvals for its plans to amend its services... Read more

By - 1/5/12 - 10:23 pm posts reviews of the North End pizza place by third graders at the Eliot School.

By - 12/31/11 - 1:54 pm reports a man coming out of a Hanover cigar bar was forced into a doorway by two men, one of whom put a knife to his neck and demanded his money, around 11:40 p.m. on Wednesday.

By - 12/27/11 - 8:13 am

Karen Cord Taylor interviews the BRA official in charge of getting a supermarket for the Bulfinch Triangle.

By - 12/25/11 - 11:30 am

A North End resident files a complaint:

Stacks of yellow book phone directories are lying everywhere, dozens and dozens of yellow books left on doorsteps and sidewalks, how is this not littering?

Poll: We got two different phone books yesterday - which to toss in the recycling?... Read more