By - 6/21/13 - 12:12 pm

Rob Consalvo's campaign Web site has undergone a redesign and it no longer features the same oversized headshot on every single page that made every single page look identical to those of us without big-ass professional-grade graphics-designer monitors.

By - 6/21/13 - 7:51 am

State Rep. Marty Walsh says that as mayor, he'd make sure Bostonians have a place to go on New Year's Eve that doesn't involve getting packed into a bar:

Boston invented First Night. We are famous for it. Other people copied it. It would be a tragedy if it ceased to exist.

WBZ reports Mayor Menino says he will work with local businesses to... Read more

By - 6/20/13 - 8:37 pm

City Councilor Charles Yancey said today that while his name will be on the September ballot in Dorchester twice - once for city council, once for mayor - he will be spending all his time between now and then running for mayor.

Following an education forum at the BPL in Copley Square, Yancey said he is running a citywide campaign for mayor and that he... Read more

By - 6/20/13 - 8:27 pm

At a forum sponsored by several local educational groups today, candidates for mayor agreed that Boston public schools need a longer school day and need to be freed from the shackles of an oppressive central administration at Court Street.

Bill Walczak said innovation and great teaching come from "autonomous" schools without the heavy boot of downtown pressing them down. John Connolly said Court Street "just... Read more

By - 6/19/13 - 11:54 am

A forum on Thursday will give the dozen people running for mayor another shot at explaining their plans for education in Boston.

The forum starts at 5:30 p.m. in the Rabb Lecture Hall at the BPL main branch in Copley Square. Sponsors are EdVestors, Teach Plus, MassINC, the Boston Foundation and Massachusetts 2020.... Read more

By - 6/16/13 - 9:07 am

Googiebaba had planned to try to interview everybody running for mayor this year, but after watching the debate on education the other day, she decided to vote for City Councilor Rob Consalvo because he's one of three candidate opposed to lifting the cap on charter-school seats and the one she thinks has the best shot of winning.

It has become clear to

... Read more
By - 6/14/13 - 8:11 am

Our own Don Warner Saklad provides the list.

Among the qualifiers: Charles Yancey, who is pulling a Paul Ryan by also qualifying to run for re-election as a city councilor, you know, just in case. The other city councilors running for mayor are all in just for mayor.

In the fall preliminary, voters will face an even more dizzying array of 19 candidates... Read more

By - 6/13/13 - 8:10 pm

David Bernstein tweets David Portnoy didn't get enough valid signatures to get on the ballot for mayor this year. Sounds like Portnoy could have a complaint against the company he hired to collect signatures for him.

By - 6/12/13 - 8:01 am

The Herald tells us how much the people running for mayor make, or, at least, the people it was able to get tax records from.

By - 6/11/13 - 7:00 pm

The Massachusetts Women's Political Caucus last week endorsed Charlotte Golar Richie for mayor.

Experience. When one considers the upcoming mayoral election, he or she undoubtedly seeks a candidate with unique experience applicable to the position. Groundbreaking: surely an ideal mayoral candidate is one unafraid to break down barriers and work toward change. And, in a male-dominated race, Charlotte Golar Richie shines like a beacon

... Read more
By - 6/11/13 - 4:15 pm

Mike Ross plans to officially, really, no, this time he means it, kick off his campaign for mayor tomorrow by staying up for 25 hours.

"I will be bringing my campaign to the leaders and neighbors of communities across Boston to focus on the issues that mater to them and learn from their own work to help me bring the best ideas and solutions to... Read more

By - 6/10/13 - 7:12 pm

RossThe City Council on Wednesday considers a request by Councilor and mayoral candidate Mike Ross for a hearing to grill NStar officials about the Sunday blackout, which he said came "despite assurances of safety upgrades and additional installation of materials to prevent future outages" following last year's transformer explosion and... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 12:52 pm

The Dorchester Reporter interviews John Barros and Bill Walczak (don't worry, they talked to Marty Walsh last month).

By - 6/5/13 - 9:10 pm

At an education debate at the Brooke charter school in Roslindale tonight, most candidates supported lifting or increasing the current cap on charter-school seats in Boston.

Watch the entire forum.

John Barros, Charlotte Golar Richie, Mike Ross, John Connolly, Bill Walczak and Dan Conley all said they favor increasing the number of charter seats in Boston.

Felix Arroyo, Charles Yancey and Rob Consalvo all... Read more

By - 6/5/13 - 8:25 pm

It's official. Set a place at the debate table for David James Wyatt of Roxbury who has made the ballot by qualifying an impressive 3000 plus signatures to make the ballot for Boston Mayor in the September 24, 2013 Preliminary Election according to Boston Elections Commissioner Sabino Piemonte.

Wyatt joins Arroyo, Barros, Conley, Connolly, Consalvo, Richie, Walsh, Walzciak, and Yancey.

By - 6/5/13 - 9:50 am

City Councilor and mayoral candidate John Connolly says Boston could end a $1.6-billion backlog in public-school renovation by working out deals with local non-profit institutions with expansion plans: Faster approval of their plans if they agree to help the city out with school projects.

The City Council today considers Connolly's request for a hearing on his proposal, which would go beyond the payments-in-lieu-of-taxes plan already... Read more

By - 5/29/13 - 7:15 am

Too strong a backer of charter schools for the taste of the Boston Teachers Union, the Herald reports.

By - 5/28/13 - 6:53 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports that Peter Meade will leave as head of the BRA the same time as Tom Menino leaves as mayor.

By - 5/28/13 - 6:23 am

The Globe reports how the sitting district attorney and mayor wannabe has done pretty well with donations from local defense attorneys.