By - 12/1/08 - 5:30 pm

It could have been a lot worse for this Canton resident, struck by a speeding Acela train that hit him while he was crossing the tracks trying to get to HoneyDew Donuts™:

Canton Journal reports:

O'Brien added that Daniels was conscious when he saw him after the accident, and that he was looking for his teeth that apparently had been knocked out of his mouth... Read more
By - 11/22/08 - 10:13 pm

Channel 7 reports 12 families were forced out of the three-story building today.

Pahkcah02, who lives in the same complex, reports what happened when she returned from a trip to the supermarket to find the road to her place blocked:

... I rolled down my window, explained to the sergeant that I lived in that complex and he proceeded to scream at me

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