Frustration: Seeing the station but not being allowed off your dead train

Commuters on a Needham-Line train report they've now been sitting outside South Station for more than 30 minutes thanks to a dead engine.

Scott Katz tweets:

Waiting for push into station - could spit and reach platform now but stuck here going on 30 minutes.

Aaron Perrino adds:

If that fails they are going to send a pick up truck to save us.



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Emergency Exit

It's not like you are locked in the train car. Don't understand why someone wouldn't open the emergency exit, pile out and just walk.

Third rail, and trespassing

Also watch for the third rail, which has the potential to make you smell like hot dogs.

It's also considered criminal trespass to be on the tracks, but the max penalty is a $100 fine. After 30 minutes of being stuck in a hot fart-oven full of weirdos, though, it's worth the risk. Hell, I'm out of there after 15 minutes, tops.