A living legend back in town

Bill Russell

Jeannette Andre photographed Bill Russell at the unveiling of his statue outside City Hall today.

This wasn't Russell's first viewing of the statue, though. On Wednesday, he and President Obama took a look:

Russell and Obama



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Racist thugs destroying your house inside out

Really makes you want to love a city. Yup. Shit smeared on your walls, stuff broken and scattered is quite the welcome, eh?

Larry Bird was beyond an asshole and was worshipped for far fewer titles because he was translucent - and even he knew that was bullshit and called it out!


You are the one who's got to be kidding.

I crossed paths with him once and he was nice and genuine.

So he doesn't sign autographs and that makes him an ass? He has a long standing and famous policy for not signing autographs. A personal choice. He'd much rather shake your hand and talk to you than a cold, impersonal autograph.

That guy took a lot of abuse from the fans here. How would you react if someone broke into your house and took a shit on your bed?


It's not like it's anything new.

Boston getting overly fixated on the Red Sox has been a thing since long before John Henry bought the Globe. Although I wouldn't be particularly surprised if he's encouraging that sort of reaction, it doesn't take much pushing to get the Globe to wax poetic about the Sox.


Russell lived in a town north of Boston with his family and there were a few assholes harassing The Russells by dumping their garbage at night. Bill went to see the chief of police and reported that racoons were knocking over his garbage cans so he was going to buy a shotgun. Apparently the chief got the word out and the assholes stopped fucking with The Russell Family. I love that guy.


Why I deleted your comment (and my reply to it)

You called Russell, well, you know what you called him. No, you didn't use the N word or any of its synonyms, but please.

I also doubt you would have used the same word to describe any of the white athletes who've done awful things - white athletes who probably never had thugs break into their homes and do what was done in Russell's.


Anyone who endured what Mr

Anyone who endured what Mr Russell has over the years in Boston deserves to be bitter. He never asked for a statue and was very gracious for the whole ordeal. The fact that people are on here calling him an asshole for not signing autographs is proof enough why Bill was never in love with Boston. All the papers saying Boston is "past those dark times" are only fooling themselves. Mr Russell will never get the respect he deserves in Boston. Racisim aside, the city will only ever like players that don't speak their mind and sing along to mindless dropkick murphys songs. Being white helps too.

Bill deserves the statue. Just wish the city knew it needed it too.