Emerson boots longtime pub, comedy club from Boylston Street building

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Emerson College decided not to renew the leases for Remington's and Dick Doherty's Beantown Comedy Vault. The bar is closing, while the comedy club will seek new digs.



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Bummer. That was my go-to

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Bummer. That was my go-to place when I wanted to grab a reasonably-priced dinner after seeing a movie at the AMC theater.

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I don't get it.

I thought Emerson was serious about comedy.

(an Emerson grad)

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$5 we'll be seeing yet

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$5 we'll be seeing yet another corporate froyo chain and a uesless bank front.

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Emmerson killed The Ally, I'm

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Emmerson killed The Ally, I'm sure Estate is next, used to be great having all those bars in there

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