Raw video: Mother's Day Walk for Peace

Thousands of local peace activists marched in support of peace and anti-violence this morning at the 17th Annual Mother's Day Walk for Peace. The event took place in Dorchester on 5/12/13. This raw video footage is near the end of the march on Geneva Avenue as peace activists marched towards the conclusion of the march at Fields Corner. District Attorney and 2013 Mayoral Candidate Dan Conley is seen marching in the peace march.

According to www.justicewithpeace.org:

"The Mother's Day Walk for Peace began in 1996 for families who had lost their children to violence. On a day that we celebrate mothers and children, the Walk became a place for families and friends to feel support and love with thousands of others who pledge their commitment to peace. Through the years, it has become a way for thousands of people to financially support the work of the Louis D. Brown Peace Institute."



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This filmed with a tennis shoe?

Go Pro

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Maybe he has one of those Go Pro helmet cams.

Also, instead of walking for peace, take that time to be a parent. Tell your kids they're expected to do their homework, to behave in school, to stay off drugs, to stay away from gangs and people who are in gangs. Give them a curfew. Search their rooms for drugs and weapons, and confiscate anything you find. So on and so forth.