Man sought for defacing those old trolleys at Boylston earlier this year

Tagged trolleys

Transit Police are blaming an Allston man for the large graffiti tags that showed up on two historic trolleys stored at Boylston station in January.

Daniel Nelligan, 25, failed to show up in court for arraignment on charges of felony vandalism and trespassing in Boston Municipal Court, and police say they now have a warrant for his arrest. Police add he's also wanted on three separate graffiti-related charges for tags in Brighton.

The largest of the tags on the train read "Fugue" and "Ciga,' neither of which were new tags in the Boston area.

If you know where he is, you can call TPD detectives at 617-222-1170 or send an anonymous tip to 873873.

Innocent, etc.

Photo by John Pellegrino.



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Their sentence should be to

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Their sentence should be to remove all the lead paint in subway system by hand. A few years in Tyvek suit Hell should convince them to never vandalize anything again.

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You can remove the yarn...

... and leave no damage.

The "Make Way for Ducklings" statues are constantly decorated with clothing, precisely because it isn't destructive.

We did this to statues at [redacted] Uni back in the 70s-80s, putting scarves around our dorm's namesakes neck in winter, and championship t-shirts when our sports teams won something. We weren't reported to the police because that isn't damage.

Paint, if the owner complains (or it's public property), is damaging. And the NotArt guy will probably make a mistake sooner or later and get prosecuted. And go back to being fired from foodservice jobs.

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Fry the bastard!

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Fry the bastard!

I love those trains...

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to be fair the graffiti didn

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to be fair the graffiti didn't really damage the train, if anything removing the graffiti cleaned it.

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How was able to do this in a station unnoticed?

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There is a whole young male scene with new risky nonsense

...and transgression.

It involves getting into strange parts of buildings and other places where you aren't supposed to go and then posting pics of their triumphs.

Basically more cubicle scene critters and suburbans trying to strike heroic postures rather than just doing something useful.

There is a whole G plus community for this with rules that practically require you to trespass and share it with the imagined world.

In case you were wondering... I can't stand them. Like I iterate with noxious frequency, real heroics in this time involves doing something meaningful for another or your community.

Bike Milton Lee going to endless meetings to get safety lanes painted... that is real heroics.

The culprit probably hid there until after hours like its Raiders of the lost ark or some such infantile shit.

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Mostly male, perhaps

I happen to know several young women who engage in Urban Exploring. I don't see it as a lot different from the MIT culture of finding ways into various locked areas and tunnels and roofs. Those groups were generally pretty evenly male and female as well.

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Ooh, good to know it is another pathway to equality.

The google site has people up on precipices of skyscrapers.

Basically the more dangerous, the more sexy sexy.

I explore old rail yards and stuff and crossed that bridge once in recent years but I try to not knowingly trespass or do the equivalent of a Break and Enter.

More to the point, it is narcissistic pest adventuring for sheltered people who lack some real useful element in life.

And if some idiot ends up stranded, it drags a third party rescuer into the mess without a choice in the matter.

Or maybe they get shredded by an Amtrak and the crew has to live with that.

People have really shitty situational ethics these days when in hot pursuit of water cooler heroics and stuff to talk about in bars.

There was this guy Akira Kurosawa, you may have heard of him.

And one of the few movies I care about is called Ikiru.

It is a more subtle heroic ethic than this manic attention whore stuff and it is the one I live by.

I'll probably end up in the same boat.

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Please stop

Urban exploration and the intentional destruction of property are not the same. True urban exploration is always about the experience (and sometimes the photos), and never about the "fame" or "sexiness" or leaving tags.

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Can't swing a cat around here

..without goring another hipster ox.

You do realize that fad fans are rarely uniform in their adherence to this presumed ethic you uphold.. right?

The Google Plus group I saw wanted stuff from places you essentially break into to 'record their decay, whatevs.'

Look, I run into relics in urban and quasi rural situations all the time.

This dead pump house is in Medfield and it's just hanging open next to a trail.

I find plenty to explore without making a petty crime pest of myself or trying to talk others into it.

Tell you what.

Find the G Plus community I described and toss out its url since you know what I was looking at with such concrete assurance.

Like this.

You'll note "Otherwise off-limits" is referenced along with the usual weasel disclaimer about not revealing location.

About this community
*PHOTO POSTING GUIDELINES* FIRST OFFENDERS WILL BE BANNED. I hate to be so harsh, but there are simply too many repeat offenders for me to keep up.

ALLOWED: -Abandoned buildings -Draining and Craning -Otherwise off-limits -If it's not clearly abandoned, give us some back story.

NOT ALLOWED: -Photos of ONLY graffiti -Broken items. If you're going to post detail shots, at least give some context. -Photos without attribution (if you didn't take the photo yourself). -Requests for locations. DO NOT ASK FOR LOCATIONS OR LOCATION INFO

Me, I'm fine with just putting pretty landscapes up over at Outdoor Photography.

There is great stuff out there. Abandoned airfields, failed cranberry operations. I even found a dead tract home subdivision.

And none of it involves transgression. It's just stuff you find on boring old hikes.

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As far as I can tell from your rambling post,

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you appear to be talking about urban explorers, who are typically of both sexes. Borrowed from naturists, "take only pictures, leave only footprints" in the mantra. The only crime should be trespassing, never defacement, theft or damage. This asshat did the exact opposite, and as both a railfan and occasional UE, I can say deserves whatever he's got coming to him. Hopefully a nice public shaming as well.

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I think what you're

I think what you're describing is urban spelunking, and it's not new.

One thing I notice about the US community is that it prides itself on a "take nothing but photos" mentality, and seems to put all the onus on the spelunker to keep himself/herself safe. I find this much at odds with most people who do graffiti.

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Yeah I just did a search of comunities

.. and many had a weasel profile. Ask to join, screening rituals, pseudonyms, etc.

The entry bar is probably low and lord knows I have extensive photo archives of all this.

The main community has 23,000 plus adherents. It's the one cited above.

Normally, I'd be nuts to shoot down an invite from something that huge as it is killer exposure but they suck.

They lost me at "otherwise off limits" and the all caps admonishment to not reveal locations.

Moral Twerpitude, I tell you.

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Whoever is found guilty of this crime

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should have to pay for museum preservationists to remove the paint, with minimal damage to the historic cars.

Money no object, even if it costs 8 figures to safely move the cars to a makeshift lab and employ master preservationists for a year.

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It looked fine yesterday.

I went from Riverside to Central and glanced at it.

It must have been a handful because the thing is so tightly caged in.

I imagine it was moved but still.

And here I was hoping they'd eventually get rid of its cage but idiot problems, etc.

See "why we can't have nice things..."

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the beast from the east!

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the beast from the east!

love the kid or hate him, you're still reading about him in the news, hoping someone will notice your principled, "intelligent" social commentary you left in the comment box so that

the general readership will realize how "smart and socially conscious" you are.

everyone who is reading or commenting upon this article is a pretentious, attention seeking wannabe
whose hidden agenda is to show off their knowledge or righteousness or what ever.

take your dimestore politics and shithouse law theories and shove them all up your ass. that's all theyre good for.

get off the computer and go do something. what a bunch of fucking spectators this world has become.

oh, and find a sense of humor while youre at it. you might enjoy life a bit more.

i heard there's still tags on the other side of the trains the mbta never noticed.

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"Urban Spelunking"..

Hyde Parker, you hit on a neat summary.

Each generation is sure that it invented something and has some unique handle on it.

The eternal march of folly.

My old man and his friends used to do similar stupid stuff in the 40s like climbing the water tower and one guy painted 'Killer Hoppy' on it, which lingered into the 70s.

What we really have here is just one cohort's branding shtick.

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