Ships come into harbor

Tall Ships in Boston Harbor

Matt Frank has a good seat to watch the Tall Ships in Boston Harbor today.



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    Tall ships and tall kings
    Three times three,
    What brought they from the foundered land
    Over the flowing sea?
    Seven stars and seven stones
    And one white tree.


    Look, I don't want to bash immigrants...

    but let's face facts here. Why should we have let the people of Númenor immigrate to our country and bring all their problems with them? Did Sauron have an evil kingdom on our borders before Elendil came here? I think not. They brought their civil war with them.

    And what ever happened to the great melting pot concept? Did they integrate into the existing society? No, they set up their own kingdom with their own cultural traditions and all. Don't get me started about bringing invasive species like the white tree which is probably one of the reasons the Entwives took off.

    Make Ennor Great Again.

    Nice of ch. 5 to switch to an Infomercial @ 1 pm

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    I realize the "Parade of Sail" was delayed due to fog but it's rather disappointing that ch. 5 abruptly stops their exclusive coverage at 1 pm to run an infomercial for the "Veggie Bullet" long before the parade ended and before the Navy flyover. In fact 4, 5, 7 and NECN were all running infomercials at 1 pm. Sad state of local TV.



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    Maybe there will be some time on the 6pm news for it, I mean it's just ships sailing by not exactly something to attract TV viewers unless they need a nap. it'd be exciting if there were a u-boat shooting torpedos.


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    Great Photos

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    This was a once in a couple of decades event.

    Crowd Size?

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    I heard a few hours ago that the crowds were sparse. Anyone have an update?

    We were at the ICA

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    I have a few pics on the uhub Flickr site.

    Crowds Seemed very light. Weather probably kept many away. Breezed through security and were about 2-3 deep for the start when the fireboats and Coast Guard's Eagle came by at the start. 90 minutes later seemed to thin but as we walked back to DTX there were still many heading over to the seaport.

    Weather? People not wanting to deal with crowds?

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    The red line was unusually less crowded today. I took it from Quincy Center at 12 noon to kendall and back around 3:15 pm. It was pretty sweet compared to the normal crush. Trains appeared to be every 5-8 minutes compared to 10-15 plus on weekends.

    Charlestown Navy Yard - not crowded at all

    I breezed through security next to Spaulding Rehab Hospital. They looked at my bag for maybe 2 seconds before letting me in, and there was no line. Until I got to Pier 4 there was no real crowd either, though it probably got busier if I had continued walking south towards the Constitution.

    From my perch we could see

    From my perch we could see the crowds change size, they started off small... grew a little when the sun looked like it was poking through and then shrunk again. We were able to see most of East Boston, Downtown waterfront etc. Piers Park in East Boston seemed to be the most crowded.

    The people I ran into on the way home seemed to have enjoyed themselves though and the MBTA was incredibly helpful. I was wearing a polo short with little sailboats on it and was carrying a DSLR camera so my vibe screamed tourist, I had to keep telling them I was a local and to stop trying to give me directions on how to get a Charlie Ticket etc.

    Weren't they planning for

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    Weren't they planning for something like 7 million people to attend? Seems like it might be a bit of a dud, but no one seems to be wiling to say it.

    Give Credit When Due ...

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    This was a visual event. Words are secondary.

    Adam's coverage (heavily photographic) was better than the Globe's. That's saying a lot, especially given the resources.