Fenway restaurants, dry cleaners go up in flames; residents evacuated


Where the restaurants used to be. By Clock.bound. More. Used under CC.

The Herald reports on the four-alarm fire that destroyed Sorentos, Umi Fenway, Rod Dee, Greek Isle, El Pelon Taqueria and Thornton's Fenway Grille on Peterborough Street early this morning. Channel 4 has video, reports the fire also forced dozens of residents out of their apartments. Channel 5 has photos.



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El Pelon

How could you forget El Pelon? The Video I saw this morning showed smoke billowing from my favorite burrito spot...

Globe Has Reports Today

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Story today:


And photos, including reactions/impact:


There's an element of randomness in how fast a paper gets to a given scene, of course, so I wouldn't read much into single data points.

For example, a photog from a different outlet, who last year got stuck in traffic going to a major fire and didn't arrive until the fire was completely out, this time got the best shots I saw of the blaze.

El Pelon and Rod Dee 2

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Are two of my favorites too. I have a garden nearby in the Fens and in the summer would go to both regularly for on my way in or out. Now where am I going to get my plantains, burritos or pad see you? At least Rod Dee has two other locations, so it may be easier for them to rebuild...

The El Pelon Fan

That's right - there was a month or so in 2005 (I think? Maybe '04) when it was down, and then the larger fire last year around this time, and then this one.

The fire today was far, far worse than those previous. I wonder how the landlord (I can only assume there was one for the whole property block) is going to handle this situation. I also am quite curious to see what started the fire in Thorton's in the first place.



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Sorrentos burned? That probably killed a lot of cockroaches.


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El Pelon was amazing. I had never gotten around to trying Thorton's, heard it was overpriced. I wonder what the cause will end up being, hopefully not an arson.

We shall rebuild....make it stronger

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I have no doubt that they will rebuild this strip (with essentially the same places). If for no other reason than I know nearly all of the Red Sox staff go to eat there at one time or another during the week.

Thornton's et al

Sox staffers and a bunch of neighborhood regulars, myself included. And this puts scores of good people out of work. Total bummer.

fenway fire KAZ IS BRAINDEAD

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who the heck do you think you are???

have I met you??
do I know you??
As landlord of mentioned property, I can say that you have NO IDEA of what are writing.

Thanks for informing me what I will be doing with my property.
Do you also have lottery numbers???? Mind your own business IDIOT!!!


I'm the mayor, that's who

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And what I say goes. Rebuild it, Mister.

No, wait, I'm the Queen of Sheba. I outrank the mayor now.

Then again, who knows, maybe you are the owner, maybe you have big plans for a Starbucks, maybe you set the fire, maybe you didn't, maybe you had insurance, maybe you didn't and you're ruined, maybe it was all a big magic trick...

Welcome to the internet. If you seriously think I believed that the sole reason for rebuilding the restaurants is that a nearby set of employees (the Red Sox) like to go there for lunch, then you need to disconnect the back of your computer from the wall. It is called satire, check it out sometime.

You know, I think most of us here in the area liked and patronaged at least 2/3rds of those places in that strip. If you really are the landlord, knowing that part of my dollars went to a raving loon that wants to call me names on the internet sort of sullies my desire to go back if you do rebuild it now. Congrats.


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"patronage" is a verbal?


The moral of the story

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Colin sighs:

... I think the moral is that if you get that burrito urge, take it. Don't just say, "Oh, I'll get one tomorrow." There might not be a tomorrow.

Dave Alpert isn't happy, either:

... If this was a movie, I'd be out on Peterborough St in the pouring rain looking to the heavens screaming, "Why, God? Why?!!!" ...



Which two restaurants did not burn?

A tragic Day

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I was horrified this morning on my way to my bus to work to see all the firefighters and smoke. My worst fears are true in this caes. Umi is toast, and so is the best Miso soup in town, along with half my work wardrobe from the drycleaners. i just hope all of these small business owners had insurance and they can ressurect this strip of restaurants that give Fenway a nice neighborhood charm.


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Great find! Thanks for posting it!

Remembering each of the restaurants

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Evan, who lives in the Fenway, runs them down:

... [Greek Isles] wasn't the cheapest place to dine, but the service was always smiley and the food well worth the money. I ate here one Sunday afternoon during last month's blizzard, where the owner's son-in-law and I chatted a bit about photography and the snow as I waited for my food. The owner clearly loved working the kitchen...always smiling, serving the food with a nod and a wink, and insistent on taking my plate and utensils when I was leaving, even though it was understood that it was up to me to dispose of the trash and plates myself. Seeing a boston.com picture of his face as he was watching, alongside his daughter and son-in-law, the damage unfold today was heart-wrenching. ...


Is it not okay to like Sorento's now?

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Seems like everyone eulegizing the West Fens restaurants are either pointed leaving out Sorento's or talking smack about it. I always liked Sorento's. There bread was top notch and they are one of the only restaurants I've ever seen that knows how to make an extra-cheese pizza properly. After being around for 21 years, I'm really disappointed to see it go so suddenly.