By - 6/27/13 - 7:11 pm

Boston Restaurant Talk reports Griddler's Burger and Dogs on Beacon Hill and Union Square Donuts in Somerville are teaming up on a $6 "bronut:"

The dish will include a Griddler's burger patty that has a fried egg on top, with both being inside a sweet and salty maple-bacon glazed donut "bun" from the donut shop.

... Read more
By - 6/27/13 - 6:36 am

UPDATE: See comments section for Somerville FD response to issue of how long it took firefighters to get to the scene.

Ed Bauer reports a fire in a six-apartment building at 106 Walnut St. around 5:15 a.m. went to four alarms. Photo.

One of the residents, Ksenia, reports she escaped with little more than the shirt on her back, her purse... Read more

By - 6/25/13 - 8:08 am

Thieving suspects

Transit Police have released photos of two guys they say stole three bicycles from the Elm Street side of the Davis Square Red Line stop on the evening of June 8. They cut the locks from bikes and took them.

If they look familiar, contact detectives at... Read more

By - 6/18/13 - 8:00 am

Apparently, Union Square Main Streets, which runs the market, keeps getting asked. So they're telling you it has nothing to do with a bias against the city's caffeinated masses. It's because the market's goal is to promote local brick-and-mortar businesses, and none of the local coffee sellers (including the local Dunkin' Donuts) has chosen to get a stall.

To meet the goal of supporting

... Read more
By - 6/14/13 - 11:39 am

Stuck truck

Alexandra Sear photographed a stuck truck at McGrath Highway and Washington Street in Somerville this morning.... Read more

By - 6/7/13 - 4:03 pm

Ron Newman reports Jonathan Monsarrat's lawyer has filed a motion to dismiss Monsarrat's lawsuit against him, former Somerville Journal editor Deb Filcman and 100 unnamed people with prejudice, which basically means Monsarrat can't file it again.

Pursuant to the provisions of Mass. R. Civ. P. 41(a)(1)(i), the Plaintiff, Jonathan Graves Monsarrat, in the above-captioned matter, hereby files and gives notice of dismissal, with prejudice

... Read more
By - 5/29/13 - 10:59 am

The 21st annual Bike to the Sea Day is coming up on Sunday, June 2nd. The ride, which runs from Everett to Nahant, raises funds for the construction and maintenance of the Northern Strand Community Trail.

The trail itself will run through the cities of Everett, Malden, Revere, Saugus, and Lynn along the MBTA owned Boston & Maine Saugus Branch Railroad. Sections in... Read more

By - 5/21/13 - 7:49 am

Felicia reports on all the replies she's gotten from guys who were not the guy she regrets not getting digits from at a Davis Square restaurant, most notably from a guy who asks her out and says that among his assets is a Lexus with a GPS.

By - 5/19/13 - 5:06 pm

At the Japan festival

Kristie Helms took in the Japan Festival at City Hall Plaza today.

Patrick Rosso photographed the Haitian American Unity parade on Blue Hill Avenue.

Thomas Linger enjoyed Porchfest in Somerville yesterday.

Joe Maxwell went to the Assembled... Read more

By - 5/16/13 - 9:08 am

At a public meeting, MassDOT released some opinions on the McGrath Highway.

MassDOT has recommended that the McCarthy Overpass portion of McGrath Highway be grounded and the roadway developed into a Boulevard that reconnects East Somerville, Union Square and Brickbottom.

The recommended plan preserves continuity at Washington Street, while enhancing pedestrian and bicycle connections. The removal of the overpass will allow for wider sidewalks,

... Read more
By - 5/15/13 - 9:41 pm

The lawyer for Ron Newman, one of the LiveJournal 102, is firing back at local entrepreneur Jonathan Monsarrat with an 18-page letter that demands the $5.5-million suit be dropped immediately, unless Monsarrat and his lawyers want to face counter claims for filing a frivolous lawsuit.

The suit names only two people specifically and then refers to 100 "John or Jane Does." A number... Read more

By - 5/11/13 - 11:03 am

Pink everywhere

Brad Kelly photographs a pink explosion in Somerville.

Copyright Brad Kelly. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more

By - 5/8/13 - 9:17 am

This early-90s nugget has just been posted to Youtube. Produced and directed by Dan Vitale of Bim Skala Bim, it features numerous live performances by late-80s/early-90s bands, including the Mighty Mighty Bosstones performing in a nearly-empty TT the Bears.

Includes music by:

Bim Skala Bim
Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Human Nature
Shy Five
Steady Earnest
Batwell... Read more

By - 5/6/13 - 8:42 am

On Friday, the Rosebud Bar and Grill, which is located behind the Rosebud Diner, posted this to its Facebook page:

Update on the sale and closing of the Rosebud: Between last night and this morning something has changed the closing of the sale was scheduled to happen on the 15th of May. But I was informed by the owners of the property that

... Read more
By - 5/5/13 - 7:22 pm

A Somerville man's lawsuit over posts on the local LiveJournal and on the local newspaper Web site went national today, in a request for legal help for Ron Newman, named in the suit.

Meanwhile, lawsuit bringer Johnny Monsarrat has been busy digging up the names behind comments he doesn't like and sending them letters warning them to take down their comments or... Read more

By - 5/1/13 - 7:43 am

Our own Ron Newman, a longtime participant in the Davis Square LiveJournal community, reports that he, former Somerville Journal editor Deb Filcman and 100 "John and Jane Does" are being sued for more than $5 million for libel by Turbine founder Johnny Monsarrat. At issue: A lengthy LiveJournal discussion and a couple of Wicked Local blog posts about Monsarrat's... Read more

By - 4/6/13 - 12:20 pm

Somerville bridge shut for repairs

Rob Bellinger captured the scene the other night in East Somerville, where the old Cross Street bridge is being rebuilt.

Cross Street Bridge construction updates.

Copyright Rob Bellinger. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.... Read more