Tom Menino

By - 12/7/11 - 7:49 am

WBZ reports the Cathedral High football team will be having lunch with Tom Menino.Read more

By - 12/3/11 - 11:54 am

The Herald reports on the looming battle royale between Tom Menino, who wants a casino at Suffolk Downs, and Robert Kraft, who wants a casino next to his football stadium/mall in Foxboro.Read more

By - 11/11/11 - 12:42 pm

Steve Poftak looks at the numbers from Tuesday's election, notices that John Connolly's tally in Hyde Park and the neighboring part of Roslindale dropped more than 1,000 votes from 2009:

What's the explanation here? Well, my best guess would be a certain 60-something Readville resident and civic leader might have been less than fully supportive.

Chris Lovett also looks at Hyde Park's numbers -...Read more

By - 11/1/11 - 6:34 am

The Globe reports the mayor threatened the company that runs the city school-bus system he's thinking of pulling its contract because so many school buses are still showing up at school late.Read more

By - 9/16/11 - 7:27 am

The Herald reports the mayor continues to back plans for a resort casino at Suffolk Downs, but that he'll have to fight off Milford, which is also expected to put in a bid for a gambling emporium.

Ed. question: The Herald actually says the racetrack's owners want to build a "resort-style casino." How is that different from a plain old "resort casino?"...Read more

By - 8/9/11 - 12:34 am

The Herald was slow to rev up to the Mac Miller affair, but now it's in full-court mode: Dave Wedge has the mayor blaming burb thugs and citing Haverhill specifically as a possible hogmosh of teen violence. Because we know kids from Westie and Southie would never cause problems....Read more

By - 8/8/11 - 1:14 pm

Miller raps about sexin' up bitches and hoes under Menino banner.Miller raps about sexin' up bitches and hoes under a Menino banner. Video | Lyrics

The Herald reports Mayor Menino is meeting with advisors today to discuss "unrest" at...Read more

By - 7/31/11 - 9:01 am

It's Boston vs. the suburbs over what roads fuel tankers can take, the Herald reports.

City study: North End streets no place for trucks with hazardous cargo.Read more

By - 7/27/11 - 6:45 pm

The East Boston Times-Free Press reports the mayor is vowing to go ahead with the $11.3-million project even without the $8-million state grant the city had applied for, but probably won't get.

Last year, BPL trustees had targeted the Orient Heights branch for closure, in part on the assumption the city would build an entirely new branch to replace the tiny building and...Read more

By - 7/19/11 - 9:06 am

In one of its periodic overviews of the eternal debate over neighborhood boundaries today, the Globe quotes Tom Menino as referring to "a hogmosh of undefined lines."Read more

By - 7/19/11 - 9:02 am

The Globe reports a planned 47-story addition to Copley Place has critics roiling.Read more

By - 7/14/11 - 12:49 pm

Mike Ball, himself an avid bicylist, ponders the ramifications of a City Hall statement that Hizzona Himself wants bicyclists to stop for red lights and wonders if the new enforcement will also involve going after signal-disregarding motorists as well:

Given the adversarial and disdainful attitude of many non-cyclists here, a well-handled education program should be amusing all around. To hear the anti-cyclist types

...Read more
By - 7/11/11 - 8:54 pm

Carol Rose, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts explains why she's proud of Tom Menino:

Mayor Menino deserves credit for staying true to Boston's reputation as a city that welcomes newcomers and citizens alike, while focusing on community-based policing as the best way to keep our streets safe. Let's hope that the Mayor continues to be smart on public safety

...Read more
By - 7/7/11 - 9:52 am

Police supt. on 102 Blue Hill Ave.: "Something no 12-year-old should have to experience."

A day after police and inspectors swooped down on a Blue Hill Avenue building nearby residents called a criminal warren, city councilors and lawyers began hammering out an ordinance for cracking down on owners of troubled apartments - including...Read more

By - 6/29/11 - 9:53 am

Operation Kickstand comes the day after a 4-year-old was shot in Harambee Park by somebody who then used a motorized dirt bike to escape.

Initially, Boston Police and city transportation workers are being directed to tow illegal dirt bikes, specifically ones without registration, being driven in parks and being driven by drunks or other reckless people. However, Mayor Tom Menino says he will file...Read more

By - 6/21/11 - 8:22 am

The Herald reports the mayor is outraged about T-shirts at Niketown he says promote drug use.

John Carroll suggests the mayor leave Newbury Street fashion policing to the Back Bay Hysterical Society.Read more

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Bruins rules

Props to our own Kaz.Read more

By - 6/14/11 - 8:49 pm

We'll have none of that: Fans outside the Garden after Game 6. Photo by Courtney SaccoWe'll have none of that: Fans outside the Garden after Game 6. Photo by Courtney Sacco.

Just not enough time to...Read more