West Roxbury

By - 7/12/12 - 3:42 pm

The Boston Public Health Commission reports a mosquito sample from West Roxbury has tested positive for West Nile Virus, a couple weeks after Roslindale won this year's honors for first infected neighborhood.

There have been no confirmed human cases of the infection, but health officials say the sampling means it could only be a matter of time. They urge people to wear long sleeves...Read more

By - 7/6/12 - 1:00 pm


Looks like the old Payless Show store is going to become a convenience store (there's a Marino's on the VFW Parkway, next to Al Wadi). It'll join the 7-Eleven near the police station in serving the neighborhood's convenience needs....Read more

By - 6/26/12 - 7:06 pm
By - 6/21/12 - 7:33 pm

Dueling thermometers

The grass is always cooler on the other side of the street in West Roxbury.Read more

By - 6/21/12 - 6:26 am

AlertNewEngland reports utility poles caught on fire on Grove Street and over the line in Dedham last night and parts of West Roxbury went dark. As of 5 this morning, about 1,000 customers in West Roxbury and Chestnut Hill were still without power, WBZ tweeted.Read more

By - 6/20/12 - 9:59 pm

State Police are investigation a collision at the West Roxbury/Dedham line around 7:15 p.m. that left a motorcyclist pinned under a pickup truck before he was extricated and transported to Beth Israel Hospital with life-threatening injuries. Stephen Walsh, who took this photo of the motorcycle, reports the motorcyclist has died.Read more

By - 6/20/12 - 10:19 am

Updated following City Council vote.

The City Council will ask the legislature to relax its limits on liquor licenses in Boston so that the Irish Social Club in Boston can regularly serve alcohol to guests again.

The move, which comes even as the council readies for a hearing on ways to convince the legislature to give Boston a lot more liquor licenses, is needed...Read more

By - 6/9/12 - 12:34 pm

Oh, deer

Sweetz reports a deer was foraging this morning in a yard on Woodley Avenue near Stony Brook Reservation - where deer have been spotted before.

Thought it was fake at first until it moved.

...Read more
By - 5/24/12 - 4:31 pm

A skyrocketing burglary rate across Roslindale and West Roxbury has police asking residents to watch out for their neighbors' homes during the day.

District E-5 reports a series of mostly daytime residential break-ins across the two neighborhoods dating back to January, one in which somebody apparently used a crowbar to break open the front door.

Residences on Cornell Street in Roslindale and Temple, Salman...Read more


By - 5/12/12 - 8:22 pm


Spotted on the West Roxbury Parkway in West Roxbury today.Read more

By - 5/7/12 - 8:14 pm

Not long after the City of Boston Credit Union on Spring Street was held up, the Hess station on Washington was held up at gunpoint, allegedly by a guy who didn't get far before being arrested. And soon after that, police began swarming the area of Bellevue Hill and Washington Street into Roslindale after a house on Bellevue Street was broken into....Read more

By - 5/7/12 - 3:36 pm

Boston Police tweet the City of Boston Credit Union, 75 Spring St., was held up this afternoon by a guy in a gray sweatshirt and blue scrubs and with a face mask on.Read more

By - 5/3/12 - 6:20 pm

Roche Bros. is now selling five-liter kegs of root beer - just the thing to go with the three-gallon tubs of ice cream that's the smallest size you can get at Puritan Ice Cream in Roslindale.Read more

By - 5/2/12 - 3:44 pm

Van B. Tang goes before the Boston Licensing Board next week for permission to open a Vietnamese sandwich shop in a stretch of Centre Street that has become a culinary mecca for the neighborhood.

Tang's proposed Banh Mi Ngon would open at 1759 Centre St., next to Christo's and down the street from Thai Spice, Los Amigos, Red-Eyed Pig, Himalayan Bistro, West on Centre and...Read more

By - 4/20/12 - 9:27 pm

This evening, an angry drunk was walking down Centre Street in West Roxbury, yelling at everybody he passed: "I hope you die of high cholesterol!"Read more

By - 4/18/12 - 9:13 am

For the first time in several years, crime rates are increasing in the police districts that cover West Roxbury, Roslindale and Jamaica Plain, led mainly be dramatic increases in the numbers of burglaries and larcenies, according to statistics released yesterday by Boston Police.

Although districts E-5 (West Roxbury and Roslindale) and E-13 (Jamaica Plain) remain among the safest in the city, the increases for...Read more

By - 4/17/12 - 12:39 pm

District E-5 reports incidents on Hackensack Road and on Stratford Street involving a couple of guys in a BMW. In one case, a resident called 911 after noticing one of the two ringing doorbells:

Responding officers immediately located the suspect and asked him what he was doing in the neighborhood. The suspect stated that he was just seeing if people wanted their cars washed.

...Read more
By - 4/17/12 - 12:00 am

City Councilor Matt O'Malley (Jamaica Plain/West Roxbury) ran the Marathon today - and turned on the video on his phone for the last 200 yards.

Compare to then Mayor Ray Flynn in the 1984 Marathon....Read more

By - 3/23/12 - 11:08 am

Stephen Walsh tweets a woman was robbed of a night-deposit bag this morning by a guy in a hoodie who motioned as if he had a gun at the Hancock Village mall on VFW Parkway.Read more

By - 3/20/12 - 6:23 pm

David Bernstein breaks the news that Bart Timility is running to replace his sister, Kelly, who died while serving as a governor's councilor in January.

The council, a colonial holdover, approves judicial nominees, pardons and payments for state spending.Read more