West of 495

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NSFW (language):

In Brimfield.

H/t Anon2.

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The view from Worcester

Richard Beaubien watched the storms to the north and south of his home in Bolton.

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UPDATE: State now confirms 4 deaths. Also, some looting in Springfield; National Guard will help patrol the city tomorrow.

Gov. Patrick calls up 1,000 National Guardsmen, says one confirmed fatality in West Springfield (person in car that overturned), urges people to stay off the roads, calls on school officials in tornado-hit to cancel school tomorrow.

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Train stuck on a switch in Worcester wreaking all kinds of havoc. Jim White reports from down the line in Westboro:

Three trains' worth of people on the platform in Westboro from two cancelled trains. Blah. Guess I'll head to Riverside.

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Madfilkentist chronicles his three-hour, 45-minute ride from Porter to Fitchburg last night - a trip that normally takes an hour and 20 minutes:

The next stop was Waltham. Before we reached it, the train was stopped for an unusually long time. Finally we were told there were mechanical problems that were being looked at. The lights went out for about ten minutes as all power was cut so the mechanic could look under the train. They came back on again, but there was still no motion. Finally we were told that the next train would hook up to ours and push us.

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Frozen syrup, anyone?Frozen syrup, anyone?Our own Polar Beverages is suing Pepsi to try to make it rename a new line of frozen sludge drinks called "Polar Shock."

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, Polar charges the name will make people think it had something to do with the stuff, which is now offered at BU's Agganis Arena.

Polar argues that, in addition to basic trademark issues, the new brand will harm Polar's reputation by unfairly associating it with slush laden with high-fructose corn syrup when, in fact, Polar is now promoting some of its products as "Fizzically Fit." In the complaint, Polar notes it sponsored the "Fizzically Fit Summer Tour of 2010," featuring Ayla Brown:

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UMass's pretty young things weren't Israeli. The Nashua Telegraph reports on allegations our own UMass sent models into malls to defraud the poor shlubs of New Hampshire in a bone-marrow testing scheme.

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In Worcester, where Jeff Bernard reports on a surprise from the mayor and a city councilor.

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A rich money manager driving his Mercedes hits a cyclist, a surgeon, and keeps going. He pulls over a few miles down the road to phone in a report of damage to his vehicle and asks that his car be towed. He does not ask for law enforcement assistance or emergency medical care for cyclist.

The police arrest the driver later but the District Attorney refuses to charge him with felony hit and run because, ...wait for it, a conviction could cost him his job.

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Amherst police arrested a Medford man Friday who they believe is responsible for an incident in September in which two men suffered head injuries after being beaten with a baseball bat.

Medford man arrested in baseball bat beating by Scott Merzbach and Ben Storrow, Amherst Bulletin

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Then a 14 year old teenager, Lisa Allen came forward Wednesday to tell her side of the story when Republican candidate for US Congress former police officer Sgt Jeff Perry, failed to protect Ms. Allen from Officer Scott Flanagan who performed an illegal strip-search of her. Police officers are entrusted to, and take an oath to, serve and protect. Ms. Allen said Officer Perry protected Officer Flanagan but not her. Ms Allen went further and said Perry "should not be in a position of power."

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In light of Christine O'Donnell's national press embargo, I present part of an interview she gave conservative talk host Dan Gaffney of WGMD, two weeks ago, during her primary race against former Delaware Governor and US Congressman Mike Castle.

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To preview your primary ballot for tomorrow, click on the link from the Secretary of State's website:
then enter your address and select a political party. It will show you what choices you'll have on tomorrow's primary ballot.


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The Animal Rescue League of Boston has technicians out in Lancaster, building a trap to try to corral a wily llama. No word if it's looking for its mama.

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Channel 25 reports This time an emu was captured in Sutton today, only three months or so after one was collared in Waltham. Where are they coming from?

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I've recently come across a great example of small-town journalism and wanted to post to a wider audience. The "Westminster Vine" is an online newsletter managed by Jennifer Shenk with numerous local contributors.

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It appears that he can walk on water, but he can't cross the street safely in Pittsfield.

Lord Jesus Christ was hit in a crosswalk. He's a 50-year-old man from Belchertown and that is his real name. It's a miracle he wasn't hurt badly. He has already forgiven the driver. The police however cited her for failure to yield for a pedestrian in a crosswalk.