West of 495

By - 2/25/09 - 10:52 am

Julia Spitz posts a photo of an electronic signboard outside a Marlborough real-estate office that, instead of telling you the time and temperature, tells you how many foreclosed properties they have available.

By - 2/19/09 - 4:54 pm

Take a look at a couple of dramatic before and after photos of one Worcester street that's had all its trees cut down and ground into a fine powder in the war against the Asian Longhorned Beetles.

Via Daily Worcesteria.

By - 1/28/09 - 5:29 pm

Worcester offers contract to Manny Ramirez:

Worcester, MA January 27, 2009 -- The Worcester Tornadoes Professional Baseball Team has offered a contract to free agent outfielder Manny Ramirez for two years worth $24,000. The deal would pay the 12-time Major League Baseball All-Star approximately $3,000 during each month of the Can-Am Baseball Season. Unlike Major League Baseball, the Can-Am League operates with a salary

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By - 1/27/09 - 5:04 pm

And the school closings begin to roll in, and roll in, and roll in.

OK, it's only Somerville, Everett, a coupl'a places in NH, and some little private places. But there'll be more come nightfall, mark my words!...Read more

By - 1/5/09 - 10:22 pm

Worcester Beetle Battle Reaches Destructive Phase.

I've probably been following the whole beetle thing more closely than somebody living nowhere near Worcester should, but I must admit I'm linking to that story mainly because, like pretty much every other account today, the headline uses the phrase "Beetle battle" and I can't stop repeating that: Beetle battle. Beetle battle. Beetle battle.

By - 12/20/08 - 9:29 am

Clearing a tree limb on Apple Blossom Lane, Leo Renauld was reported killed last night. He and a neighbor were attempting to clear fallen limbs that were blocking the road.

Mother Nature always reminds us - perhaps in this case with a touch of irony - that the weather is something to always be respected....Read more

By - 12/19/08 - 4:45 pm

Andy reports from points west - and tries hard to contain his ire at Boston media:

... Driving through Ashby and Ashburnham today was like driving through a post-hurricane scene, only with snow. The tops of 60% of the trees are simply gone along Route 119. I'm a little disappointed that the Boston Globe dedicated only one headline to this crippling storm, despite the

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By - 12/18/08 - 9:09 am

The Herald's Dave Wedge goes through Deval Patrick's 32-page wish list of infrastructure projects he hopes to have his pal Obama stimulate and finds several "potential pork projects," including:

$6 million to replace 20,000 trees damaged by "beetle infestation."

Nice use of quotation marks there, Dave. Never heard of the Asian Longhorned Beetle and how the feds are trying to prevent it from spreading...Read more

By - 12/18/08 - 8:01 am

Lance reports his power came back on around 5 p.m. yesterday - after 124 hours.Read more

By - 12/15/08 - 4:00 pm

Deval was scheduled to pop out to Blandford, MA (a "surprise" trip- perhaps to avoid boot-throwing terrorists residents who have been without power since Thursday night?) to check out the storm damage. Instead, he cancelled his trip. Why? Bad weather: temperatures pushing 50 degrees, 10mph winds, and "slight chance of rain showers" were enough to keep the governor's helicopter away. Ah, such...Read more

By - 12/14/08 - 1:43 pm
Downed limbs
Paulo Lopes photographed
cleanup efforts in Worcester.

Out in Leominster, Jody took this photo of her neighbor's two-month old car. She also reports a soul-crushing amount of ice in Sterling.

Lance grows weary...Read more

By - 12/13/08 - 9:27 am
clearing a road

From Jennifer Forman Orth's Worcester ice-storm set.

Big muddy mess in Worcester

Destruction in a Worcester cemetery.

More Worcester scenes.

PaulM reports from Lowell:

... At Enterprise Bank's branch on Gorham Street I spoke to a friend who does our snow-plowing; he was told the power would

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By - 12/12/08 - 5:48 pm
Worcester road

Jenn Forman Orth drives on a Worcester road. See if you can spot any beetles.

As if Worcester didn't already have enough problems, now comes word that residents in the beetle quarantine area are not being allowed to remove downed tree limbs:

Residents inside the Asian Longhorned beetle quarantine area have

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By - 12/12/08 - 9:32 am
ice berries

Iceberries photographed this morning by Kelly.

But will Patrick show up on TV in a cardigan?

Correspondents outside 128 tell tales of crashing trees, flooding, power going out:

In Littleton, Kelly reports:

Woke up at 2am this morning to the sounds of trees breaking and cracking and falling. Woke up this

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By - 12/4/08 - 11:00 am

A 4 clawed lobster was found off of Newport, RI this past Monday. Lobsterman Patrick Marks released her back in to the wild after getting pictures; I can only hope she procreates.

I know; this was in RI not MA, but one can only hope that this is a sign that there may be more multi-clawed lobsters out there, just waiting to be caught,...Read more

By - 11/20/08 - 11:04 am

Lance reports on a case involving a Worcester Telegram reporter covering allegations against an online forum system she participates in regularly.Read more

By - 11/18/08 - 7:49 pm

The Boston Business Journal reports the juvenile, known as Dshocker, pleaded guilty today to running a vast "botnet" of "zombie" computers (PCs infected with trojans he controlled) to break into corporate networks and run a campaign of virtual terror against competing hackers. The Register has more details. He'll do 11 months in a federal juvenile detention center.

By - 10/28/08 - 2:38 am

[float=right]IMAGE(http://i279.photobucket.com/albums/kk143/nfsagan/Bizilj.jpg)[/float]The mother of an 8-year-old boy who shot himself to death at a supervised gun expo in Westfield yesterday says she’ll remember her son as an angel.

“He was a beloved, beautiful child. He was an angel,” said Suzanne Bizilj of Ashford, Conn., whose third-grade son, Christopher, died Sunday after firing an Uzi submachine gun at the Westfield Sportman’s Club.

Christopher...Read more

By - 10/27/08 - 1:33 pm

Mr. Pesaturo today reported:

"Marking the beginning of expanded Commuter Rail service on the MBTA's Worcester/Framingham Commuter Rail Line, Lt. Governor Timothy Murray today commuted to work on one of the new train trips from Worcester to Boston. Lt. Governor Murray joined other commuters on the train that departed Worcester’s Union Station at 6:05 AM.

Effective today, two early morning trips, trains #500 and...Read more

By - 10/24/08 - 11:38 am

The Worcester Telegram reports State Police had to euthanize a 200-pound wild Russian boar hit by a car on Rte. 2 in Lancaster:

... Mr. Hall said he was surprised because wild boars are not supposed to be found in Massachusetts. ...